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IOTA’s Exchange-listing draws nearer. New developers are appreciated!

IOTA’s Exchange-listing draws nearer. New developers are appreciated!

Hey Folks,

as today in the IOTA-Slack mentioned, the IOTA-Exchange listing draws nearer.

Co-Founder Dominik Schiener gave a wild-guess about when we can expect IOTA to be ready. This wild-guess will be followed by an official “suggested” launch date in one or two weeks, once the fundamentals are arranged.

His wild-guess was “I don’t expect this to take longer than 1 month, but lets see.

When exactly or on which exchanges IOTA will be listed is not revealed and won’t be till the official announcement.

For a successful exchange-listing, IOTA would need:

-Light- and full wallet

-100+ tpx stress-test



-Major API libraries done and tested

-A registered Foundation

and a few more things.

New developers needed:

Since IOTA is a community-driven project, the foundation and IOTA-ecosystem would obviously benefit from new developers coming in for help.

On 24th Oct. therefore, the Foundation announced the “first official development grant of $5000”.


Interested developers should be familiar with JavaScript, C-Sharp, Java and Python libraries.

The Foundation states:

We encourage more developers to step up and propose the development of additional libraries (especially for IoT related environments such as Arduino). If you have a proposal for a library, either reach out to me or David on Slack, or send us an email:

That being said, I wish capable developers would come forward and lend IOTA a hand in making this vision reality. Don’t miss it!

Because: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison

Have a great day,

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