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Summary 2016

Summary 2016

Hello, Folks!

After a few weeks of silence, I’m back with lots and lots of important info about the IOTA ecosystem.
Although 2016 wasn’t exactly the best year ever, for IOTA it was a good one.


The following article includes a rough timeline of happenings till today, a selection of the most important new members and last but not least, the articles where IOTA was mentioned in 2016!
Considering magazines, like FORBES, Huffington Post and Coindesk: It is inevitable that IOTA will be -the- next technology to look at. A fact most of the community members knew from the beginning.


Timeline 2016

With the successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering) exactly one year ago, lots of stuff has happened.  All in all 1337 BTC were invested (including bonus and Jinn assets) which is enormous.


In January 2016 the IOTA Core-team decided to rewind their plans to list IOTA at exchanges (too) soon.

The reason for this decision was fairly simple: The software wasn’t ready nor tested properly.

Even if investors and speculators were pressuring, “Core” decided to take the longer no-nonsense way.  Because IOTA is a back-end technology, not a shiny front-end product.


Late February 2016 the official Forum was announced.


In the following weeks, a lot of announcements were made.



Up to this point, IOTA could have kept up with 10 of the biggest Blockchains -easily.

But CORE kept IOTA under the radar of speculators as good as they could.
Being the first IoT-related Blockchain with no fees, it would just be a matter of time before the project would blow up, and for this moment, it would be better to deliver a functioning package instead of a pump&dump product with flaws and holes. -We all have seen enough blockchains with that attitude!

In March, the foundation has been announced. That was one of the greatest step-stones for an ongoing success.

Also, the “Big Deal” was announced. It contained a collaboration between 2 big parties from Asia and IOTA. As payment for their services and partnering, a crowdfunding was set up where a big amount of IOTA was collected to get these partners on board. The details were not revealed for contract reasons. The deal is still disclosed, but we are all eagerly waiting for this rocket!

The following weeks were filled with good news, discussions, clarifications and a growing number of interested people.


In April, we got a small hint about exchanges and CORE’s strategy. This strategy was merely a spoon-feed for investors, because as David made it pretty clear  IOTA’s focus lies on real-world adoption.
Time has told us that he was right because the list of achievements is long and is growing every week.


In April, some major changes withing the technology of IOTA took place to enhance usability within the IoT.

CORE changed the total amount of IOTA, improved security and optimized its features.

It’s important to emphasize that this transition did not change the amount of IOTAs that anyone has, the proportions are identical.

From now on, testing was #1 on the agenda to make things happen.
Different versions were pushed into the git with lots of bug fixing, to ensure a secure and working protocol.

In June, the new website was publicly released.
The first GUI was made, as well as a release date set for the main net.

The actual date of the main net-release was 11th July.

In the meantime, the foundation was funded by the community.

The fast growing community needed a new medium for day-by-day communication so we moved to slack.

The number of members exploded. Every day we would see new interested members, speculators and developers who wanted to be part of that vision.

Within IRI-Version 1.0.3 peer-discovery was included. Manual node sharing was obsolete with this feature, we thought.

In the meantime, the “Big Deal” was successfully founded. A big step for a global adoption.

As a network-necessity, all people were told to spam the network.

The result were no less than 1 million transactions on 15th September

While testing, CORE discovered that unfortunately peer-discovery is harmful to the tangle-topology.

The community and CORE decided to remove peer-discovery, to optimize IOTA and to make it more suitable for the IoT.

After a long testing period, the main net was online again in Octobre.

Since then, a lot of developers for different reasons have been found.
A new GUI-version is already done, the sandbox environment is finished, a few libraries are also completed.
As testing environment, CFB set up a test net for further improvements of the tangle.
Left to be done are a lite-wallet and mobile wallets. But they are close to completion.

Several snapshots ensure the fast synching of nodes and wallets.

Status quo is: The network is running smoothly, as long as enough neighbors are added mutually.




The founders managed to get lots of expertise into IOTA. The first step into real-world-adoption is done with these partnerships.



“Getting the talk going” is IOTA’s mantra to reach out to more experts, for more adoption. (upcoming) (chinese)



Articles about IOTA

This excellent selection shows how far IOTA has come, even without beeing added at exchanges.
Imagine what happens when it is added.

Forbes, Huffington Post and Coindesk are well known and show IOTA’s real real-life range.



As a result of these astonishing accomplishments, it is safe to say: When the day comes, and IOTA is added at exchanges, we will see green needles on trading charts.

Try to compare IOTA to any other blockchain and draw the conclusion: What market-capitalization would fit? I’m looking forward to see your estimate as a comment below!

I personally expect a listing in early 2017, when all testings are done and the ecosystem is grown to a stable environment, where IOTA can prosper.

Have good day,











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