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February Report #1

February Report #1

No week without news or mentionable developments. My poll revealed that people like to know more about background and development of IOTA, hence I decided to make a new format: Monthly reports, to cover relevant progress or changes in the IOTA ecosystem.

February started with a lot of tension as lots of people are waiting for an exchange listing. As far as I know, some things need to be accomplished before we see that happen.
Most important: topology-tests and bug searches, to make sure everything runs smoothly once we are at the trader surface.
A second condition is that IOTA has a few POCs running to show its real value and capabilities.
February also started with some great news concerning IOTAs marketing and adoption.


The first thing is the addition of David A. Cohen to the IOTA Foundation. Yet another fantastic job of the strategic management, presumably Co-Founder David Sønstebøs doing.


Welcome, Mr. Cohen, to the IOTA family! Let’s hope you have a good start and a successful time!


More about David A. Cohens Vita and addition is here:


One of Davids projects:

Secondly: a new snapshot and an updated version of the IRI and GUI

As always: official releases can be found here:

The IOTA-Foundation will host a Hackathon in Berlin, beginning tomorrow: more info about it here

Again a great project where IOTA will be in contact with developers and experts from all around the world.

The purpose of this event is to find out use cases and applications of legal matters with the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Interesting side-note: The IOTA Foundation offices are now in Berlin, Schlüterstraße 55 is working on the mobile-wallet and is proud to present the results on Youtube with a shiny introduction-video:

Great work! Once it’s ready, the wallet will be available on Android and iOS.

Last but not least I want to remind you that we have a growing community on Reddit.
Please subscribe the subreddit to take part in discussions and to read more about IOTA.


Have a nice week,


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