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February Report #2

February Report #2

Just six days have passed since my last report. Yet it happened enough to write my second February report.


The new IOTA-Foundation office in Berlin hosted the “Legal Tech Hackathon”.

More than a hundred legal hacker gathered to participate in this unique conference to think about blockchain-possibilities in the legal sphere.

Impressions about the “Legal Tech Hackathon”  are covered in this very good report by Florian Glatz



Luey Forje initiated the possible foundation for an IOTA community whale club.

This initiative is very important because the official IOTA Foundation cannot fund and coordinate all projects themselves.

IOTA is community-dependent and relies on givers, not takers. The logical consequence for whales should be therefore to protect their investment and to actively participate in this initiative.

Members of this club have a chance to drive the project into the right direction.

In this cutting edge métier, investments need a proper handling.

We cannot emphasize this enough: Hiding it in cold storage is the worst option you have.


The community is growing and so are their ideas.

Scott and Lukas of came up with a merchandise of IOTA.

Funny and stylish articles are available on

The selection will be expanded soon. For now, the following designs are available:


To help newcomers and people who ask common questions, I created a small orientation guide with Prezi.

The presentation should be watched fullscreen.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me and feel free to share it!

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  1. Very useful prezi deck, thanks. I also like the pacman mousepad; but didn’t see it in the store. If it’s available you can count me in for one. Cheers

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