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February Report #3

February Report #3

Happy Tuesday everyone.

As February is almost over, the IOTA ecosystem is delivering like a clockwork.

Today I have some special piece of gold to report as Ubuntu and Canonical, the private company behind Ubuntu announced a collaboration with IOTA: This is madness.

What does this mean?

It means, that one of the most important open-source associated company decided to work with IOTA for its technical and disruptive potential.

You may think: well, why not google? The answer is decentralization.

Getting canonical onboard is a statement that IOTA isn’t going for a fast profit, but for real-world changes, that are needed.

For me personally the most important line:

Now Canonical is working with the IOTA Foundation on use cases that showcase new, machine-oriented business models and micro-billing solutions for the telecommunications market. With the global telecommunication market expected to reach more than $1.5 Trillion in revenue by 2020, IOTA together with Canonical are uniquely positioned to solve one of the biggest problems that telecom companies face today: how to reimagine billing for machines.

In my opinion, this may be even bigger than we think, considering the software possibilities and adoption-character this piece of news inherits.

Ubuntu’s Twitter account has roughly 250.000 follower, almost every developer knows and likes this Linux-distribution and surely, this has a positive aura for everyone involved.

Since I’m in Slack most of the day, I can tell that yesterday, after Ubuntu’s tweet, dozens of new people joined slack and this will keep going, as CORE already mentioned that this was just the beginning. IOTA’s slack has almost 1400 people in its rows.

We can except countless new developers to work with IOTA through this news. There are many ideas for proof-of-concepts, lots of possibilities out there, so I conclude that this is by far the biggest step IOTA made until today.

We all want an exchange listing as soon as possible, but with this news, the delayed listing is just a mere side fact. Great job by CORE, again!


This brings me to the second topic: the reason for the delayed exchange listing:

Stress tests. 

Core decided to test the tangle with all they have so that we see a smooth start at the very beginning of a listing.

It’s still IOTA’s mantra not to hype when there is still room for improvement.

We have waited for over a year now, we can wait a little bit longer. Especially when instead collaborations like the former are mentioned.

IOTA will grow out of cryptoland, so why should it concentrate on an exchange listing?

Business before pleasure.


The third topic is an editorial announcement for my blog:

I will now write “Salty Plum Of The Month” to deal with special persons that need a little bit of information.

A friendly humorous reminder that most salt out there is unnecessary. My knee-slapper way of dealing with internet trolls.



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