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Salty Plum Of The Month February!

Salty Plum Of The Month February!

Plum-disclaimer: IOTA isn’t looking for competition, but collaboration. This is meant as a friendly reminder that people should think before they fall on their keyboard.
This format is based on my own opinion and is not connected in any way to the IOTA foundation or the founders. No one likes salty plums.

And while I usually don’t submit 2 posts a day, this plum post makes an exception!

I’m pleased to deliver my first salty plum to you guys: The bitcoin-maximalists of /r/bitcoin! Congratulations!

The fine gentlemen didn’t take the time to look into IOTA, its collaborations or legit foundation members let alone the countless helpful people in the IOTA slack to get a solid opinion about the intrinsic value of IOTA.

Yet again, a self-fueling raging mob without purpose. But the internet won’t forget!

Here is one part of their fantastic argumentation against IOTA:

We all know that cryptoland is an area of investors and people that like to act in their own best interest, but this is nothing more than a confession of failure. You can do better.

Needless to say that we are all somewhat connected to Bitcoins success and pioneer work, so we can be grateful that Bitcoin is here, and hopefully here to stay.

But it should be clear, that IOTA’s field of application is different. So if you guys are really up for a conversation, don’t stand still but join our Slack.

We have hundreds of people here who are more than happy to discuss everything you’re concerned about. No excuses!





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One Reply to “Salty Plum Of The Month February!”

  1. Mockery of Iota on r/bitcoin is how I, for one, originally found this project. They may be an angry caterpillar nest, but I should thank them for that at least!

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