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March Report #2

March Report #2


Since I’m a little bit busy in the world outside, I had not enough time to deliver, but finally, here I go.

First a thing about

I decided to start a small video-series, bilingual, where I explain basic stuff around blockchains, IOTA, proof of concepts and so forth.

At first, I will make a few videos for the German people since I often read that they have not enough sources.

But after that I’m going to make more or less the same videos in English.

You can start watching the videos here:

So now the real development related topics of the IOTA ecosystem:

We have basically four things worth mentioning.

First of all, the splendid development-hub “IOTA learn”. This is the latest and really important step for the extension of the ecosystem, especially like the name tells us: for development.

We have some functions here:

  • Developers can share their experience.
  • Developers can upload tutorials.
  • FAQ’s are listed for newcomers.
  • New users who struggle to understand development-related topics can get an overview.
  • Users can start to learn coding by following tutorials.
  • People can create real use-cases with their ideas.
  • The ecosystem can grow and the community can expand.
  • A blog is set up to show the newest development-related info.

This doesn’t look like the biggest step on the road map but to be honest, IOTA benefits hugely through this new hub.

We now have a central drop-in center for coders, teacher, students, entrepreneurs so that the software around IOTA can be developed in a grass-roots manner.

The IOTA foundation furthermore set up 3 bounties for the first 3 uploaded tutorials:

So I can only encourage you guys to participate in this unique opportunity and to built something with the help of IOTA learn.

The Sub-reddit /r/IOTA is growing steadily.

If you need a central point of discussion and news, you are invited to subscribe to Reddit/r/IOTA

Reddit is one of the most frequently visited pages on the planet, so needless to say, if IOTA will reach a certain point of adoption, this subreddit will be THE address for almost everything.

You shouldn’t miss that. Subscribe and be on the safe side!

The development of the IRI and IOTA as a whole is going into the next round, today the devs announced a new test-round for the latest changes.

If the public stress-test is successfully conducted, we can expect some interesting news.

Some people may think: why does it take so long to hit exchanges?

There are two answers to this.

  1. The most important point on the agenda is development of the software, the ecosystem and use-cases.
    Proof of concepts and real-world applications are the best way to ensure success for IOTA. Therefore it’s the best way to work in that order.
    First developments, then, when resources can be spared: exchanges. Not the other way around.
  2. Development of cutting-edge technology is a long way. The devs are well advised to test anything and if there are slightest doubts about some intrinsic functionalities, then they have to get rid of that first.
    There is no better way than quality assurance. Not only big companies handle their development like this, but all good enterprises.
    So let’s be happy instead that we have so thoroughly working devs at the top.

Last but not least: David announced that IOTA will deliver a newsletter once a week.

That’s just fantastic. Finally, we get the most important information frequently, every week.

We can conclude that IOTA is on a great, healthly way right now!

I’m pretty excited and curious what we will see in April.

See you soon folks, have a nice day!


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