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April Report #1

April Report #1

April is here, jokes are delivered, as well as some really incredible news from IOTA.

Let’s begin with the newest foundation-member Regine Haschka Helmer!

A look at her vita reveals that she’s obviously a great marketing expert with lots of successful years.

From their Website:  In 2006 she became CEO of ID Media and was responsible for the strategy and creative lead for customers such as Ebay, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Sony, Swatch, JTI, Microsoft, Volkswagen and Toshiba.

2007, She founded Seedlab GmbH, a digital business development agency where she is assisting companies/startups for “realization of innovative, digital strategies and business models….900 successful projects of which many have received renown awards, Regine is one of the pioneers and creative heads in the European digital industry.  

To draw a conclusion:
With Regine Haschka Helmer, the IOTA Foundation, again, was able to add a professional, successful business-expert for IOTAs needs.

The coming years are years of transformations and digitalization where industrial processes are changing and new technologies are emerging.

We know, that the Internet of Things is already a key-term, so we also know that IOTA needs networking business experts such as Regine Haschka Helmer to become a force to be reckoned with.

I’m curious to see the work results of this great collaboration.

Welcome, Regine Haschka Helmer!


The official IOTA Development Roadmap has been published!

As an open source project a major milestone for transparency.

I cannot repeat all inherent information because everyone needs to read the roadmap himself, but I can tell you guys what I think about it:

  • Companies can see the efforts and the status of development of this enterprise
  • Developer see the actual progress and can decide whether they want to participate or not
  • All interested people can see where we are going: Flexibility.

Flexibility is the most important feature for a technology meant as the interoperability protocol of the Internet of Things.

This roadmap shows between the lines, what IOTA is going to be and that there are no borders and limitations left when it’s ready.

IOTA is no cryptocurrency, but a whole system meant to support progress for everyone.

IOTAs infancy in “cryptoland” will soon be over if we see more of these important steps.

Great work everyone!

Since most investors just lean back, I have a small message: If you just wait for a big ROI, you actively prevent movement from happening in your favor. 

Get up and protect your investment! Take parts of your funds and create software, tutorials, videos, advertisements to support IOTA on its long way.

If you do nothing, you practically do the worst.

Concerning the stress-tests:

Even with just a few nodes, IOTA is already showing its capabilities of a scalable, incredibly fast technology.

When the test net grows bigger and is expanded with servers of e.g. Digital Ocean or AWS, we will see fascinating numbers and a really big tangle graph.

I’m looking forward to that, as it will open a lot of doors if these stress tests are successful.

A reminder that IOTA LEARN is working and starting to take effect:

We now have the first few entries, tutorials and FAQ-answers.

If you are an interested developer or a techie on his way to become a dev, please visit to become a part of this fantastic ecosystem.

Hundreds of people are already part of the community, so if you have questions, everyone would be happy to help.

Don’t miss that opportunity!

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”
― Thomas A. Edison”


To round up the first April Report:

If you are in the area of Chicago, you can visit and participate here:

A big opportunity 😉

and later on in Germany:

April is starting with a density of a neutron star. It seems to me as if IOTA is already generating traction like a big player, and that before exchange-listing.

2017 will be great!

Have a nice day,


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