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April Report #3

April Report #3

The second half of April in the IOTA-zone offered access to interesting background development and additionally one moment for the history books.

We saw interesting articles, a few interviews and what’s about to come.


First of all some partial results of the first and second stress test.

The dev-team around Dominik Schiener set up a small homepage to watch the stress test in realtime:

While reaching a Transaction per second (TPS) of max. 127 TPS (peak) in the first round, different scenarios were simulated and the test-net heavily loaded.

A small data frame gives more info about the values that have been measured.

If you are interested developer, then you may take a look at the appropriate Git:

The second and bigger test revealed a first picture of what the tangle can become, once more nodes are in the network.

The test-net reached a number of almost 230 TPS(!) which is more than the thirty fold of what Bitcoin can handle at the moment. Bitcoin is running on 7 TPS right now, without adding the problems of the problematic block size of this Blockchain.

The difference to all other projects that brag with big numbers is that IOTA actually tested it in a natural and global environment, not theoretically. All real  Problems involved. This is credible proof instead of talking.

Here are no transaction fees involved and the network can only get faster the bigger it grows. A novelty!

That being said: I’m really curious what happens when the tangle grows to a network with thousands of nodes. The scalability is incredible and held what it promised so far, what a great show!

The dev-team is planning a 1000 TPS stress test already. so we can expect more test results, further improvements and in the end hopefully a meaningful report of all measured values. update restructured their side and added Spanish to their languages.

They depend on donations so think about sending them a little obolus for their free and important service!

Internet of Things Summit in Brussels (19th and 20th April)

After countless participations, Dom again visited a highly recognized IoT conference, this time in Brussels.

Thanks for your efforts!

He told us, that we can expect further info when he has time to spare.

One little but important supplementary note: Huawei, yes, that Huawei mentioned him and IOTA.

Free advertisement and a fruitful reward to all his participations in conferences.


Possible second Big Deal!

We don’t know much, but there is possibly a second big deal on the horizon so “whales” are called to contact David in the official Slack and to discuss your potential donation.

Note: This is not a decrease of your funds, this is a smart step for your investment because the involved companies certainly add more value to IOTA than you lose with a donation to this early point of IOTAs adoption! 

My opinion (but I’m certainly no whale): Do nothing, and lower your ROI! Whatever you do, of course, it’s your money but this is just a wonderful opportunity, so think about it!



I don’t need to add anything here, just read for yourself!



In the escrow-based trading slack YDX ( info under people are buying as if hell is breaking loose.

We already reached a price per Gi of 0.034 BTC meaning that we already broke the 100 million market-cap.

Before official listing on a trader. This is truly incredible. 

However, we have to keep in mind, that not all tokens are claimed. That means that the total market cap is lower as it is shown on YDX.

At least ~300 Ti are not part of the trade right now, so much room for additional trades. Enough IOTA for everyone!

Thanks for reading,

have a good week!



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