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THE T▲NGLER Restructuring

THE T▲NGLER Restructuring

Hello Folks,

Summer break is over!

As my blog was growing insanely over the last months (already over a quarter million visitors), I decided to change a few things in order to keep up with the demand of information.

IOTA is a great invention, and also extremely difficult to explain and understand.

In fact, If I try to explain the technological advances of IOTA to new people in this sphere, I lose them at “distributed ledger technology”.

IOTA is not a separate program or an autarkic system, on the contrary, it’s an open eco-system that will presumably be a part of everyone’s life in a few years, if the current development keeps its current momentum.

Several companies are lined up to work with IOTA, hundreds of people all over the world are running a full-node and countless developers are applying for the ecosystem fund. It’s only getting bigger from here on!

To understand an eco-system I must deliver information as such.

I, therefore, will broaden my spectrum to keep up with everything.

  • Explaining Series

    1. I will illuminate basic terms and topics of the Internet of Things, to set a basic level of understanding
    2. I will enable a voting system for terms that you’d like to understand.
    3. The Explaining Series will appear two times a week


  • Cryptogossip
    1. I’ll cover relevant information of alt-coins if they are in a competition of IOTA
    2. I’ll cover rumors about IOTA, its technology, misinformation and leaked information.
    3. Cryptogossip will appear whenever I find worthy topics.


  • Industry-news
    1. Internet of Things connected companies announce interesting news? I’ll cover it and rate the announcement.
    2. I will connect the field of application with a possible IOTA collaboration
    3. Industry news will appear whenever I find interesting news.

All other topics will stay the same.

I’m always happy for suggestions!

Thank you for visiting The T▲ngler!

Kind regards, Limo

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