The IOTA vision explained in 2 minutes

The Tangle Vs. Blockchain Explained

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Sunday Banter + Sonntagsplausch online

Sunday Banter + Sonntagsplausch online

The latest Vlog about news, development, and speculation around IOTA is online on Youtube.

Watch Sunday Banter and Sonntagsplausch, here (click on the headline)


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3 Replies to “Sunday Banter + Sonntagsplausch online”

  1. Thanks for the update!, If Smart Contracts would come to IOTA – bad new for Etherium 😉 Interesting would be if for the writing of Smart Contracts an existing progrmm language would be used or an specialized, optimized one like in Etherium. Or some language concepts borrowed (hopefully not from COBOL :-D) , ….

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