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Q revealed! IOTA foundation developed incredible stylish monocles

Q revealed! IOTA foundation developed incredible stylish monocles


The news is spreading.
Q, the mysterious project surrounding IOTA has finally been revealed.
After years of work, the IOTA Foundation finally announced that Q is a monocle.

The project has been financed by all ICO investors and the generous community members that donated 5% of all available tokens to the IOTA Foundation.

Developers said that the revealed project is about to the change the world and frankly, they didn’t overstate the exciting announcement.
The IOTA monocle is incredible. Also the resemblance to a Q. How puristic.
The IOTA foundation decided to advertise the fresh accessory everywhere.

As a first start, we decided to run a Q advertisement on the Timesquare in New York because we believe that Q will change the way of living.” David Sønstebø stated.

IOTA Q at the Nasdaq Marquee on the Timesquare


Apart from this object of art, the Foundation created several different versions of it.

But for now, we only have a test-version available, that will be replaced by the main-version pretty soon.

Until then, we will advertise it everywhere because we truly believe that this will be beneficial for everyone.

And let me tell you that we are really changing the world as we know it, the world is not anymore the way it used to be, no no no” a mysterious anonymous insider advisor to the Foundation commented via email.

We at THE T▲NGLER are completely blown away.

No one could expect such an incredible development.

We expect that IOTA will fly to position no.1 on very soon, as the demand for stylish developed assets is extremely high these days.

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