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The end of the English IOTA Sunday Banter.

The end of the English IOTA Sunday Banter.

I’m sorry to finally announce that I will no longer create the #IOTA English Sunday Banter. Just the German.

  • When I make the German podcast, I basically use my amount of concentration for a day. The German Podcast alone is hard work and needs several hours preparation.
    The English one is a copy, but I can’t copy emotions and phrases I use in the German (because the German language has way more words -and I struggle to find the respective translation), especially after speaking 40 mins (and longer) in my mother tongue.
  • The English Banter is way harder to produce. I’m afraid that my vocabulary is simply not good enough to keep my high standard, which I set for myself in my German version.
  • The English version just generates 20% of clicks, I have on my German video, although the German one is easier to create.
  • I hope that with the latest addition to the IOTA Foundation ( Casper Eicke Frederiksen ) they found someone with the appropriate skills to replace my English podcast. That would be awesome!
  • I need to concentrate again on IOTA chronicle, which I finally found a developer for. This project has great potential.
  • I want to create more Fact banters in English and German, which takes time.
  • I need time on Sundays for my family and friends, which I use for the inefficient production of the English Banter.To all people that supported me throughout the last months: You are the greatest asset of the IOTA ecosystem! Dankeschön!
    Please unsubscribe on Patreon, if you supported me for my English podcast.

Thanks for everything!

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3 Replies to “The end of the English IOTA Sunday Banter.”

  1. I completely understand your reasons. I personally don’t know how found the time to do you both versions. I had no trouble understanding your point of view and opinions. I will definitely miss your extremely well-produced videos on Sundays. Good luck!!

  2. I also do understand the hard work u have been doing and I will sincerely miss your so important contribution in iota English information. l’m already missing u my friend.

  3. Thank you for showing us a great example of what one person can contribute. I have thought of doing something like you do, but just the thought of carrying it out week to week is daunting.

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