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Post Scriptum Paracosm’s Caer Sidi Pre-Sale Stage 1 is almost here!

Post Scriptum Paracosm’s Caer Sidi Pre-Sale Stage 1 is almost here!

The foretold Armageddon has happened…
Post Scriptum Paracosm is the new, distant rising star in the gaming universe, which opens brand-new PC/VR/mobile worlds directly after the Christian apocalypse.
Paracosm’s team invites you to the Caer Sidi Presale – Stage 1 – starting tomorrow, March 1st, 2019, for one month only.

This first stage is aimed at traders that are buying a bigger amount of the credits which are being used in their in-house marketplace Caer Sidi when the platform goes online (planned 1st May 2019).
Additionally, traders can purchase Paracosm keys which are representing accounts (which people need in order to play) that are validated in the distributed registry of the Tangle DLT of IOTA. Paracosm’s team announced that they would rely on Hyperledger’s tech, as long as IOTA’s Tangle is not production-ready.

According to Paracosm’s team: “Pre-Sale offers for trades will have limitations on the minimum number of items: not less than 6000 Caer Sidi Credits or not less than 666 Paracosm Keys for one purchase. During the Pre-Sale, both keys and credits will be available at a 50% discount.

They added that:

1 Caer Sidi Credit represents 1 Euro.
1 Paracosm Key has a base price of 9 Euros

But in this pre-sale, buyers get a 50% discount. 
Traders, therefore, need to invest a minimum of €3000 for the Caer Sidi credits and minimum €2997 for the Paracosm Keys.

The second stage of the pre-sale starts on 11th March and is aimed at traders and gamers.

Gaming Bundles

From March 11th, traders and gamers can purchase gaming-bundles.

High-end Champions-Bundle for enthusiasts

Paracosm’s team listed all bundles on their website. The respective prices of the bundles will be announced soon.

What are the take-away points?

-> There are six different bundles.

-> Each bundle offers Caer Sidi Credits that are used as an in-game currency.

-> Each bundle contains the Post Scriptum Collectible Token Game.

-> Each bundle contains the Altar: the War of Gods Collectible Token Game.

-> Bigger bundles contain Paracosm Keys, booster packs, RPG invites for friends, key skins, tangible/real or blank Paracosm keys and even a tabletop version of Altar: the War of Gods depending on how much you want to pay.

Is this offer interesting for traders and gamers?

My personal opinion is that it’s worth a shot.
Although we are at the intersection of crypto-currency, gaming, and cross-reality, I’m not sure if this investment should be compared to the ICO’s from 2017.

Post Scriptum Paracosm is a gaming platform and this is more like a crowd-funding.
Building decentralized networks is fairly different than building a gaming platform, luck or chance don’t decide if this story will be a success since this is no pure pioneer-work.
Paracosm’s team has shown in-game footage of Post Scriptum Paracosm, footage of the Collectible Token Game and lots of merchandise.

We know that parts of the game are already playable, the artwork is solid and interesting and the outlook is splendid. VR/XR is the next natural step of gaming, so investing in an ambitious project like this is a good decision IMO.

One comparison to ICO’s and crowdfundings is interesting, though. Traders should know that Sergey Invancheglo aka CFB has a track record of being a wonderful person to follow when it comes to innovation and investment.

The projects he foundet and developed had the best return on investments overall: NXT and IOTA.

ROI since ICO on First and Second place: NXT and IOTA

From a traders standpoint, it even makes sense to follow him blindly after these facts -especially in a pre-sale.

From a gamers perspective, it also makes sense to invest in an upcoming gaming platform that offers an innovative world and possibly high future-prices for traded in-game goods like unique cards from the boosters or just a rising price for the Caer Sidi-Credits.
In-game items have shown promising price developments when enough people were competing for the best skin or the most unique card.
A prime example would be “1500$ for a black school uniform set, 1400$ for PlayerUnknown’s set, 600$ for a bandana” in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. These items were bought for just a few Dollars each.

Another example would be the value of Magic: the Gathering cards which were created in their respective year or a special edition only a few thousand times and which are being traded for thousands of Dollars these days, rising.

To draw my personal conclusion: Yes. I will invest and I will play because I think that the Paracosm team is capable of creating a thriving world for millions of players in the future. Full steam ahead!

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