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Interview with Pavel Shlapak, CEO of Paracosm, about the coming beta of Caer Sidi and their work.

Interview with Pavel Shlapak, CEO of Paracosm, about the coming beta of Caer Sidi and their work.

(Transcribed from a Skype conversation in 10/2019 )

– How are you, Pavel? What’s going on over there in Minsk?

– Super, thank you. A lot of things are going on. Now we are releasing some exciting products and we are preparing to launch the beta version of Caer Sidi. We are working on delivering information about our platform and about the project in general to the gaming community and business people in the industry.

– What is Paracosm? What is the whole project all about? 

– My idea is to build a big thriving ecosystem that will allow creating cross-reality game universes, or Paracosms ¹, and enjoy many adventures in them. Sergey Ivancheglo, aka c_f_b, came up with the idea of this project. He is the main visionary here, and some things about the future of the project are described in his latest Medium articles. As you can see, it’s a huge, amazing idea, and in a long-term prospect, it unites AR, IoT, and DLT technologies into one exciting product for customers.

¹ [Note from the editor: Paracosm = a prolonged fantasy world invented by children; can have a definite geography and language and history – Different gaming environments with completely separated stories like eg one Harry Potter Paracosm, one in Star Wars, one in Narnia]

– What is Paracosm aiming for in the gaming sector? Is it, for example, comparable to big gaming platforms, such as Steam or GoG?

– We can compare the project to the GoG Galaxy because its idea is to combine different game platforms, launchers, and markets into one user experience. They are starting from the launcher, and I think they have a certain vision. We, in addition, want to combine not only software but also the hardware to provide a full experience for users.

Also, the main players in this area try to build a proprietary system. We want to build an open ecosystem and give the initiative to different contributors to build their paracosms, we want to give developers tools to build their services, which use IOTA in the background. So, we want to unite developers and build the ecosystem of Caer Sidi together with them, sharing the revenue and various results of our cooperation.

– What exactly is Caer Sidi? How do you explain it to a gamer with no experience with the crypto realm?

– The main idea of Caer Sidi is to give users values by connecting various platforms and unifying user experience. From a gamer’s point of view, we start from connecting real and digital worlds, producing phygital² assets that combine physical and digital components. They can even carry your digital identity. Or this can be a figurine of a video game hero, which opens digital content through the NFC technology – for example, a digital avatar. By simply tapping such a souvenir with a smartphone, you can see the whole statistics and history of the hero and the collectible value of this figurine. So, it’s an added value for users and new ways to interact with the game. You can show this figurine to friends and compare your progress. 

²[Note from the editor: Phygital (physical plus digital) is a term that describes connecting digital experiences and goods with physical ones – like collectibles with a unique ID. ]

For a game developer, Caer Sidi opens many possibilities to build more interactive applications, increase monetization, and prolong the user lifetime value. In the near future, we plan to release more interactive toys, so users will be able to take them into their virtual adventures. By using Bluetooth technology, these figurines can even congratulate players with a victory. 

– The Caer Sidi service is the first of its kind. We use IOTA as the backbone, as well as paracosm.ixi and other technologies to build a certain product that gives value to gamers and game developers. Caer Sidi is a part of our huge project, it provides some functional tools. 
Like providing unique hashes for our phygital assets that can be found in the distributed database of the Tangle .

[Note from the editor: At the time of writing, Caer Sidi is temporarily developed on Hyperledger whereas paracosm.ixi would be a module with and for IOTA]

As you certainly understand, we need funds to support the project, we need to invest a lot in the development, in marketing, and in conversation with different market players. With Caer Sidi, we build a sustainable business model, based on the open-source approach. 

Right now, we are launching products and it’s a very complicated process for a startup, for a young team. It’s a lot of legal and development work, so we are starting with some rather simple examples. We see a great acceptance of our offer from the game developers. In the future, we want to produce different devices, which will be able to utilize IOTA. Quite soon, users will feel significant advantages of IOTA’s technology.

– What are the clear advantages of using DLT, such a Tangle? Is decentralization important for Caer Sidi?

– We want to provide services for different game developers, to implement the SaaS model – and DLT is crucial for this task. The existing game markets have a lot of fraud and a lot of other problems, connected to game assets. Thus, black markets start to exist. To prevent this, we need to build an open decentralized ecosystem. We want to provide protection from counterfeit for both gamers and developers.

– Is it true that Paracosm is not running on the main IOTA Tangle and it’s using a private Ict client instead?

– It’s too early to explain how it will run even in the short-term prospect. Sergey is going to provide the ICT client, so I don’t have the answer right now.

[Note from the editor: Ict is the predecessor of Bee, a soon-to-be production-ready modular client of IOTA that runs with a different, lighter architecture than the IOTA main-net – in theory, specialized for IoT devices]

– Wouldn’t it be better to be part of the main-net of IOTA, to be part of the global machine economy, instead of having a private ledger?

– Sergey is responsible for the technical part. What I can say right now is that we work with our technology and wait for IOTA Enterprise Edition and Qubic. We’ll migrate from our DLT to IOTA after this update when it will be truly decentralized. 

We also are official partners of the IOTA Foundation, so we can both explore the use of IOTA in gaming, from our side in Paracosm Project and Caer Sidi and from their side. We are partnering up to draw new innovative developers to create their projects, their paracosms on our platform. We are looking forward to working with them and implement IOTA in new and creative ways.

This is a project that is going on in a bigger time frame, as you said, and we all know that it is in ongoing development. Still, when will we see the playable content of Post Scriptum CTG and RPG?

– The Post Scriptum franchise is also a responsibility of Sergey, so he is the person to ask. I can tell that we are working on adding more products from 3rd-party developers. Right now, we have only one partner, a developer of tabletop games, but we are in the process of signing contracts with many other companies. Soon, we will attract great game developers, so you will have different possibilities to explore the Caer Sidi service and see how it works.

[Note from the editor: At the time of editing, Caer Sidi has already added more games and partners: ]

– The VR gaming industry is pretty big these days. So how do you plan to tackle the high competition of this area?

– For us, VR is a field to explore. As I said, we build an open, not a proprietary system. We want to complement other players on the market, not to compete with them. We want to improve the world of gaming together with other companies, to provide more value for our users. We believe in the technologies of VR, AR, and XR, we believe there will be a lot of great products. We want for Caer Sidi to be a point of entry to different beautiful worlds and different beautiful games. So, we plan to cooperate with game developers and help each other.

– I just have to ask – what’s your favorite game of all times 🙂 ?

– I’m playing Heroes of the Storm, it’s a MOBA by Blizzard. But I have the biggest emotional connection with Baldur’s Gate.


Paracosm is an incredibly interesting approach to innovate the gaming industry, VR-Gaming in cross realities and a real chance to implement DLT in a meaningful way. That being said:
Thank you very much, Pavel, for your time and insights and also thanks to Maxtis for coordinating this interview.

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