The IOTA vision explained in 2 minutes

The Tangle Vs. Blockchain Explained

Interview with David Sønstebø



This blog aims to inform people about the IOTA ecosystem and to share relevant news for interested people, developers, blockchain- and tangle-enthusiasts and investors.

No bells and whistles, just information.

I will try to summarize recentness and important milestones on IOTAs way of development.

Furthermore, I’ll cover relevant information from other areas if they are directly connected.

The Tangler ( is not connected to the IOTA-Foundation and is a non-commercial source of information.

This blog originates from a non-native English writer, so spelling mistakes are expected. Leave me a message and I correct them!

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My name is Steffen Vogt, I’m an early supporter of the IOTA, Crypto/Blockchain/Tangle/Innovation evangelist, active in this sphere for more than 5 years.

I’m a geograph, technician and writer.
Here, I’m using my community-name Limo.
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