This blog aims to inform people about the IOTA ecosystem and to share relevant news for interested people, developers, blockchain- and tangle-enthusiasts and investors.

No bells and whistles, just information.

I will try to summarize recentness and important milestones on IOTAs way of development.

Furthermore, I’ll cover relevant information from other areas if they are directly connected.

The Tangler (www.tangleblog.com) is not connected to the IOTA-Foundation and is a non-commercial source of information.

This blog originates from a non-native English writer, so spelling mistakes are expected. Leave me a message and I correct them!

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The Author:

I’m Steffen, Member of the IOTA-community, Crypto/Blockchain/Tangle/Innovation evangelist, active in this sphere for more than 5 years.
Here, I’m using my Slack-nickname Limo.
You have questions concerning IOTA or this blog?

You can find me here:

Username: @limo

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