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Q revealed! IOTA foundation developed incredible stylish monocles

Q revealed! IOTA foundation developed incredible stylish monocles


The news is spreading.
Q, the mysterious project surrounding IOTA has finally been revealed.
After years of work, the IOTA Foundation finally announced that Q is a monocle.

The project has been financed by all ICO investors and the generous community members that donated 5% of all available tokens to the IOTA Foundation.

Developers said that the revealed project is about to the change the world and frankly, they didn’t overstate the exciting announcement.
The IOTA monocle is incredible. Also the resemblance to a Q. How puristic.
The IOTA foundation decided to advertise the fresh accessory everywhere.

As a first start, we decided to run a Q advertisement on the Timesquare in New York because we believe that Q will change the way of living.” David Sønstebø stated.

IOTA Q at the Nasdaq Marquee on the Timesquare


Apart from this object of art, the Foundation created several different versions of it.

But for now, we only have a test-version available, that will be replaced by the main-version pretty soon.

Until then, we will advertise it everywhere because we truly believe that this will be beneficial for everyone.

And let me tell you that we are really changing the world as we know it, the world is not anymore the way it used to be, no no no” a mysterious anonymous insider advisor to the Foundation commented via email.

We at THE T▲NGLER are completely blown away.

No one could expect such an incredible development.

We expect that IOTA will fly to position no.1 on very soon, as the demand for stylish developed assets is extremely high these days.

Analysts: IOTA Sharply Undervalued Due to “Overwhelmingly Innovative Tech and Number of Collaborations In The IoT”

Analysts: IOTA Sharply Undervalued Due to “Overwhelmingly Innovative Tech and Number of Collaborations In The IoT”

Analysts have found that IOTA is trading far below the real value it might have. The project is said to have no real competitor and apart from its hiccups, the network will be truly decentralized and scalable. Additionally, the approach taken by the IOTA team, such as going new ways to eliminate existing limitations of blockchain protocols, presents many reasons to be highly amazed.

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IOTA is “Sharply Undervalued”

IOTA, the network behind the 11th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world by market cap (MIOTA), has no justification for its currently low price levels according to a detailed new report. The 3-page analysis of IOTA has been issued by a long-term cryptocurrency enthusiast and developer.

Additionally, a private investment group with access to more than 5% of the total available supply of iota, which is in the hundreds of millions of Dollars, talked about its prosperities.

The analysts found a myriad of bright possibilities with the project, its technology, and the team behind it. Their final conclusion is that given the current promises of the IOTA network, the substantial technical advances (no fees, scalable, quantum computing resistant), and the overwhelming number of use-cases in the future, “we believe that IOTA is sharply undervalued at current prices.

Major Advances

The report lists many promising milestones with the project, beginning with the fact that it has not yet found a real competitor. The use cases section of the IOTA documentation is sparse and unspecific because the developers are extremely busy in working together with the interested companies such as Bosch, Fujitsu, Cisco, with little time left over update the documentation. The total relevant market is “currently quite underestimated and likely does not present the real value of the coming fourth industrial revolution including its cyber-physical systems with approx. 100 billion connected devices in 2020” according to the group.

Low-cost hardware will be implemented in IoT devices to allow them to transact even faster on the network. This means that the go-to-market strategy is based on the foreseeable future, that a machine economy is going to replace wide fields of existing industries and there is no doubt that “there is a need for this exact technology” according to the analysts.

The report also determined that the IOTA network currently relies on a sophisticated, closed-source “Coordinator” to protect it from attacks in its infancy, as big groups of competing technologies are trying to slow down its progress. But the team has enough expertise to handle the situation quite calm and professionally. The IOTA network has been attacked many times and has also experienced short periods of downtime. Not surprisingly, the extensive security measures continue to hold all funds together,  rendering all attacks ineffective. “This accomplishment alone is invaluable for any investor,” the investment group says.

The most convincing evidence identified by the analysts is that there have been no critical software vulnerabilities in IOTA’s hashing function. Instead, demonstrable conflicts of interest within the MIT Media Labs team are an even bigger indicator, that IOTA has a great future and product, that threatens legacy systems.

IOTA explained that the alleged vulnerability was known and intentional as a “copy-protection” mechanism to discourage scam copies. Which worked splendidly.

They also reported that the Coordinator protected against the exploits, and no funds were ever at risk. “This showcases their pragmatic approach which secured the people, the technology and shows a committed team, that challenges the hypocritical open-source scene with all its recent hacks with hundreds of millions of Dollars of losses for investors combined over the last 5 years.

In doing so, they prevented scammers to succeed and therefore showed a great amount of compassion, which is even more important than the exploited ethos of open-source software that only acts as an apology for those, who defend the politics of Ethereum and Bitcoin.” the investment group reports.

A satiric article of this analysis can be found here.

“Organic Artificial Foods” (OAF) and the farming revolution

“Organic Artificial Foods” (OAF) and the farming revolution

As IOTA is already known in rural areas, I’m happy to announce the foundation of the NGO “Organic Artificial Foods” (OAF), which is using the open-source technology for their own purposes.

OAF offers a new innovative solution to provide citizens with organic food around the corner.

Communities in the field of cryptocurrencies, in general, share the sentiment that future markets will rely on blockchain solutions for the everyday life, such as buying groceries.

Since IOTA is mostly made for the machine economy OAF, therefore, invented a new system that is using IOTA as the interface technology between autonomous machines and the needs of families in rural areas, to close the gap between this cutting-edge technology and breakfast.

To understand this innovation we must look into the bionic/a.i. research, where autonomous vehicles and robotics are tested.

Lately, the semiconductor facilities “Pecker Tec” in Nashville, TN which are working closely with OAF, tested some “granny-slappin’ good” central processing units for cows.

These chips are able to receive IOTA per wireless network and furthermore, to activate the milk-glands in a matter of seconds, without transaction fees!

As unbelievable as it sounds: this makes it possible to get fresh, warm milk, everywhere, safe, untampered, fast, decentralized, with IOTA.

Chairman Bill Randy Pecker about their new system:

Howdy, I don’t know where you comin’ from but our cow is busier than a cucumber in a women prison, you gon’ like it

The experienced 3 times winner of the famous “Nashville Monstertruck Festival” promises this solution within the next 5 months, so that people don’t need to buy milk in a supermarket anymore because they are often too far away if you need groceries spontaneously.

After that, we can also expect adapted systems for chickens, pigs and bankers, Pecker promises.

We are eager to see that technology in action!




Salty Plum Of The Month February!

Salty Plum Of The Month February!

Plum-disclaimer: IOTA isn’t looking for competition, but collaboration. This is meant as a friendly reminder that people should think before they fall on their keyboard.
This format is based on my own opinion and is not connected in any way to the IOTA foundation or the founders. No one likes salty plums.

And while I usually don’t submit 2 posts a day, this plum post makes an exception!

I’m pleased to deliver my first salty plum to you guys: The bitcoin-maximalists of /r/bitcoin! Congratulations!

The fine gentlemen didn’t take the time to look into IOTA, its collaborations or legit foundation members let alone the countless helpful people in the IOTA slack to get a solid opinion about the intrinsic value of IOTA.

Yet again, a self-fueling raging mob without purpose. But the internet won’t forget!

Here is one part of their fantastic argumentation against IOTA:

We all know that cryptoland is an area of investors and people that like to act in their own best interest, but this is nothing more than a confession of failure. You can do better.

Needless to say that we are all somewhat connected to Bitcoins success and pioneer work, so we can be grateful that Bitcoin is here, and hopefully here to stay.

But it should be clear, that IOTA’s field of application is different. So if you guys are really up for a conversation, don’t stand still but join our Slack.

We have hundreds of people here who are more than happy to discuss everything you’re concerned about. No excuses!