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April Report #3

April Report #3

The second half of April in the IOTA-zone offered access to interesting background development and additionally one moment for the history books.

We saw interesting articles, a few interviews and what’s about to come.


First of all some partial results of the first and second stress test.

The dev-team around Dominik Schiener set up a small homepage to watch the stress test in realtime:

While reaching a Transaction per second (TPS) of max. 127 TPS (peak) in the first round, different scenarios were simulated and the test-net heavily loaded.

A small data frame gives more info about the values that have been measured.

If you are interested developer, then you may take a look at the appropriate Git:

The second and bigger test revealed a first picture of what the tangle can become, once more nodes are in the network.

The test-net reached a number of almost 230 TPS(!) which is more than the thirty fold of what Bitcoin can handle at the moment. Bitcoin is running on 7 TPS right now, without adding the problems of the problematic block size of this Blockchain.

The difference to all other projects that brag with big numbers is that IOTA actually tested it in a natural and global environment, not theoretically. All real  Problems involved. This is credible proof instead of talking.

Here are no transaction fees involved and the network can only get faster the bigger it grows. A novelty!

That being said: I’m really curious what happens when the tangle grows to a network with thousands of nodes. The scalability is incredible and held what it promised so far, what a great show!

The dev-team is planning a 1000 TPS stress test already. so we can expect more test results, further improvements and in the end hopefully a meaningful report of all measured values. update restructured their side and added Spanish to their languages.

They depend on donations so think about sending them a little obolus for their free and important service!

Internet of Things Summit in Brussels (19th and 20th April)

After countless participations, Dom again visited a highly recognized IoT conference, this time in Brussels.

Thanks for your efforts!

He told us, that we can expect further info when he has time to spare.

One little but important supplementary note: Huawei, yes, that Huawei mentioned him and IOTA.

Free advertisement and a fruitful reward to all his participations in conferences.


Possible second Big Deal!

We don’t know much, but there is possibly a second big deal on the horizon so “whales” are called to contact David in the official Slack and to discuss your potential donation.

Note: This is not a decrease of your funds, this is a smart step for your investment because the involved companies certainly add more value to IOTA than you lose with a donation to this early point of IOTAs adoption! 

My opinion (but I’m certainly no whale): Do nothing, and lower your ROI! Whatever you do, of course, it’s your money but this is just a wonderful opportunity, so think about it!



I don’t need to add anything here, just read for yourself!



In the escrow-based trading slack YDX ( info under people are buying as if hell is breaking loose.

We already reached a price per Gi of 0.034 BTC meaning that we already broke the 100 million market-cap.

Before official listing on a trader. This is truly incredible. 

However, we have to keep in mind, that not all tokens are claimed. That means that the total market cap is lower as it is shown on YDX.

At least ~300 Ti are not part of the trade right now, so much room for additional trades. Enough IOTA for everyone!

Thanks for reading,

have a good week!



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April Report #2

April Report #2

I know, this update comes pretty fast after April Report #1, but that is the IOTA-sphere these days, progress everywhere!

Again a great IOTA Foundation-update:

Welcome, Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda!


Mr. Pimenta de Miranda lives in and around Oslo, Norway and is a working with new emerging technologies and disruptive systems for progress.

On his LinkedIn profile, he writes:

I shape strategic innovative ventures and initiatives that open new pathways to value creation and growth models for business and society. I bring disruptive digital technologies to life: Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Me / MyData. Together with a team of world leading technologists and industry thought leaders, we empower true innovators ready to transform their industries and organizations from eHealth, Transactive energy systems, Smart cities, connected/autonomous Mobility, Shipping & Logistics.

The IOTA ecosystem and the foundation are clearly gaining traction because they are able to acquire such professional experts like Mr. Pimenta de Miranda.

After last week’s addition of Regine Haschka Helmer plus the already existing circle of advisors and core-devs, we already have the most promising crypto-enterprise at hand.

I know that hype isn’t very appreciated, but it’s pretty hard to suppress with this frequently dropped high-quality news!


IOTSummit 2017 with IOTA

For any other crypto, this would be an enlightenment, for IOTA this isn’t the first solid opportunity to present its unique features.

Still, the IOTsummit is one of the most important places to be for innovations on an international stage.

The European summit will be, again, and yes I know I use this word often, a great opportunity to showcase IOTA to bring more solid companies into the ecosystem.

These are the best news!

New IRI and stress-test

Improvements of the IRI are beeing tested and deployed, once the stress tests are done and important measured values are taken.

That will be the moment when IOTA reaches an important milestone: the scalability will be tangible.

The difference of the main net (1st picture) and the test net (2nd picture) is incredible right now.

That may be partly explainable because a big share of main net-spammers is currently used in the test net.

Still, the overall transaction confirmation-rate seems to be pretty high

There is a new Tangle-explorer made possible by @Scottjp and the help of @utamaro and also @raganius!

This clearly arranged explorer is a nice addition to the existing explorer

Both explorers are important and necessary to handle the needs of a lot of people once, IOTA is adopted widely.

And interesting for speculators:

A nice price chart plus market cap: made by @wilowfoot

The next weeks will be very interesting as rumors say that we get news on the official exchange listing when the stress tests are done.

Have a nice day,


The incredible January Part 2

The incredible January Part 2


It is time!

The next big milestone was reached yesterday when the Light wallet was announced for open Beta!

You can download the official Full/Light-wallet GUI here: Light wallet

More about the release by Dominik Schiener:

If you are looking for a node to run the Light wallet, is the right address.

There you can find a growing number of nodes, which are online 24h a day / 7 days a week and set up solely for this purpose.


That means, that the list of things we need to have a successful exchange listing is finally completed.

This list was given by the devs in Octobre:

That doesn’t mean that the list won’t grow from here, we likely see a mobile wallet announcement soon. is working on that, and AFAIK it’s already been tested.

Still, we can expect the exchange listing everyone is waiting for, very soon. 


Since IOTA is a community-based project, CORE is encouraging every developer to step up and create a working proof of concept for IOTA to show the technology.

For that, you don’t need to have extraordinary skills and knowledge about IOTA and its intrinsic functions, you can just use the newly released sandbox environment

If you want to take a look at the sandbox, you can follow this link


You need inspiration for a proof of concept?

Here we go: POC



To draw a conclusion: 2017 started tremendously for IOTA!  Part 1

The core dev team and strategic management again have shown their extraordinary skills and made IOTA what they told they would.

Now, the next phase of IOTAs path can start, real use-cases.

IOTAs success will depend on these use-cases so I can only encourage everyone who is skilled to code a line or two: built something and become a part of IOTA!

You won’t regret it!


Have a nice day,




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The incredible January

The incredible January

Hey Folks!

Lots of important stuff has happened since my last entry so time to sum it up for you! Fasten your seatbelts, IOTA is on its way to launch its rockets!


Light wallet is already in beta test

-The light wallet is already completed and beta tested while I’m writing. With this wallet, people are able to work with IOTA, conduct transactions and claim their IOTA’s but they don’t need to manually add neighbors. They just need to add one peer to be connected to the main net. This software is a big step to connect to a broader range of people especially if they are not that tech-affine or interested in spending too much time on adding neighbors.
As this service is not the focus for IOTA’s future in hindsight of its machine-economy, it is very important to get more people on board.
One successful point on the list to get ready for official exchanges.

Free server for the coming light wallet:

-@moodledidoodledi and @scottjp as the owner of are happy to announce a newly set up server to provide users of the light wallet with a peer-IP. is proudly supported by and would be grateful to get donations to keep up the support and service they provided for months now! became a reliable source of information and provided help for countless people, so let’s help them out! These guys deserve it!

Mobile wallets are also beeing tested 

Needless to say that this mobile wallet is a big important addition to the software spectrum, the community has created. Great work Oliver, Sascha and Adrian!
The team behind provided us with an important piece of software on the long road to mass adoption and the listing at exchanges so if you can spare a coin or two,
donate and show them some love!

@bahamapascal set up 6 nodes for a better network.

On behalf of the Blockchain research lab, Pascal took his time to set up 6 additional nodes for a better connection within the tangle. Great work!
If you struggle to find enough peers for your wallet, pm @bahamapascal in slack and share your (if possible) static-Ip with him to be a part of the tangle.

This also applies for all members of #nodesharing in the slack. If you need peers, pm people in nodesharing and share your IP.

The server costs were supported for 2 months by so I’m pretty sure Pascal would also be happy to get a few coins for his support and efforts for the upcoming months of support!

IOTA C# implementation.

Tomer Krisi (@Artik123) delivered an incredible piece of work: He just ported IOTA to C-Sharp.
This is a BIG step towards a better distribution, getting more developers into IOTA . Also: this was voluntarily done. What a great job!

New foundation-members

-Chris Skinner joined the IOTA foundation as an advisor! This is an invaluable addition to the already astonishing expertise, the IOTA foundation managed to bring together.

Also: Navin Ramachandran joined the IOTA Foundation: priceless!



-A new OTC bot provided with the excellent service of Yassin (@yassinnxt) is life to enable trading before IOTA is listed on official exchanges.
@come-from-beyond took his precious time and integrated this bot in slack.
This service was set up to provide a temporary solution as CORE is occupied with important tasks behind the curtain. The bot is pretty cool considering the automatic features it provides.

The OTC-bot service assisted by Yassin works as follows:

1. You send BTC or iotas to an address provided by Yassin (via private message)
2. Yassin executes a command to deposit the accordant amount to your balance tracked by the bot
3. You buy/sell iotas (this can happen as many times as you need)
4. You send Yassin an address to withdraw the earned BTC/iotas
5. Yassin adjusts your balance and sends real tokens to your address
6. Trades are taxed with 0% fee.
7. Deposits/withdrawals are charged with 1% fee (rounded up).
8. Min amount of a deposit/withdrawal is 10’000 microBTC/2 Gi.
9. To get instructions on how to trade iotas once you get your tokens on the balance type “HELP” on #trading channel.
10. As a precaution, you are advised to provide Yassin with an extra BTC and IOTA-address to be able to receive your funds once you left slack for different reasons, such as a ban or technical issues.
11. For each IOTA deposit, a new address must be generated. This is necessary to show the right balances for each entry listed by the bot.
12. For better usability, Gi and microBTC for fees are always rounded. (1Gi for 2GI-100Gi, 2Gi from >100Gi-200Gi and so on)

The service was tested with test tokens, but it is still possible that an undiscovered bug may lead to a loss of all your BTC/iotas, so we suggest to trade small amounts per session.


1. Alice contacts @yassinnxt and says “I want to deposit 50 BTC”
2. She sends 50 BTC to an address provided by Yassin
3. Once 50 BTC are confirmed, Yassin types “GIVE 49.5 BTC TO @Alice (1% fee included)
4. Alice contacts Yassin and says “I want to withdraw 200 gigaiotas (Gi)”
5. Yassin executes “TAKE 200 Gi FROM @Alice”
6. Yassin sends 198 Gi to Alice
7. Alice contacts Yassin and says “I want to deposit 200 Gi”
8. She sends Yassin 200 Gi
9. Once 200 Gi are confirmed he types “GIVE 198 gigaiotas TO @Alice” (1% fee included)
10. Alice contacts Yassin and says “I want to withdraw 50 BTC”
11. Yassin types “TAKE 50 BTC FROM @Alice”
12. Yassin sends 49.5 BTC to her (1% fee included)

Also worth mentioning: 

-The newly created sandbox beta can be tested in #sandbox-beta

-@bahamapascal and @strongwares created a node-sharing manager. I will deliver more info about that when I tested this tool myself. Great work!

-Dom wants developers to start coding real PoC for bounties! If you are interested: Go into Slack and offer your help and I’m pretty sure he can provide you with some inspiration!

If you are capable and creative: Take this chance and become a part of IOTA! You won’t regret it.

Blockchain research!

The Blockchain Research Lab of the University of Hamburg is pleased to announce the first of our Blockchain Monitor surveys. It forms the basis for creating a sentiment index about blockchain use cases in finance.

Please help the Blockchain world by completing this survey:

(and, of course, we would greatly appreciate if you help us to spread the link) – here we go!


So, all in all, we saw an unprecedented month so far and it’s just the 16th of January so I’m pretty excited to see the rest of it!

If you have questions or additions, feel free to contact me in the Slack at @limo

Have a good day!




Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Dear readership,

2016 was an exciting year for IOTA, an exciting year for me and the birth of

I want to thank all of you for all the constructive criticism and helpful comments for this blog.

I’m really happy and cannot really put into words, that has had over 10.000 views since Octobre 28th. Which is far more than I have imagined and shows the interest IOTA has attracted.

Thanks for that!

I hope that your year was as interesting as mine and that you have a few days to celebrate Christmas or just a few days with your families and friends!

Hopefully, 2017 will be a year full of good surprises for all of us!

Happy Holidays!