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May Report #1

May Report #1

Since we’re on a long dry spell for a few weeks now, it’s good to hear that there is still movement if we take a closer look.

The problems of the network, that has suffered quite a bit, are caused by the reduced amount of spammers in the main network.

As mentioned again and again: the devs are stress testing the new version, so they need all available hash power to ensure its functionality and security.

That’s the right way!

That being said, if people want to support the Tangle in its current situation: set up your own full node, with fresh neighbors and spam the Tangle, even if it’s just for a few days. 

As an addition: Yassin, the private escrow from has problems to withdraw iotas because the majority of transactions won’t confirm. And the list gets longer!

There is no fraudulent or malicious intent involved. With the new version, we all get the funds laying on YDX.

When this new version is ready to be used, we will also see a new era of speed, reliability, scalability and opportunities.

Blockchains will have a very hard time when the majority of developers, companies, and investors realize the true potential of IOTA.

That moment will occur, when the stress-test results are published, IOTA hits exchanges and the people feel the speed of IOTA firsthand.

A moment everyone is looking forward to.

In the meantime, have a look at the newest changes, additions, and developments in the IOTA ecosystem.


Growing Community

The main Slack of IOTA, the room for development, interesting conversations, the soil of good ideas has grown to a huge number of 3000 people already.

Last week, @Eragmus uploaded a little plot with an exponential curve of all members over time.

This trend is continuing upwards as lots of people are looking for an entry into “Yassin Dex”, but we also have a good amount of people, that followed the call of the ecosystem fund.

Either way, this is a splendid sign of what IOTA has become: A fast growing community that is interested in the disruptive capabilities of this distributed ledger technology.

New Developers

A few striking additions have been announced.
These guys were already working with IOTA for a while, but the time has come to give them credit and to show who’s working behind the scenes.

On the official blog are nice introductions of Paul HandySabri GoldbergAlfred Keller, Alon Elmaliah

Great people with enthusiastic, likable attitude, capabilities and of course a big impact on the whole project.

Kick-ass additions!


The IOTA Foundation is built of experts in their special fields, therefore it’s no surprise that they do what they do: they present their ideas and possibilities in conjunction with IOTA.

Dr. Navin Ramachandran, practicing Radiologist and well-known researcher from London, presented IOTA on TechUk on 8th May.

Thanks for your efforts!

Right now, Co-Founder Dominik Schiener is visiting a few important companies at the US-west coast (no info about who, when, what) , and after that, he is going to present IOTA at Consensus 2017 in New York, a great opportunity in the world of Blockchains, Fintech to show the world what’s coming after Blockchains.

Founder David Sønstebø’s plans to speak at Consensus 2017 changed due to an unforeseen accident, where David suffered an injury at his zygomatic bone.

Let’s hope for a speedy recovery!

Next on the agenda are the Accenture Open Talks on May 30th, where IOTA presents its technology.

We have to keep in mind, that these are personal efforts, and not a matter of course that they put in their free time and energy to represent IOTA again and again.

Sure, that sounds like I was praising them like some saints, but to be honest: which project you know, has founders and devs that work relentlessly to spread the word, to build an ecosystem and community?

If there is one, I’m pretty sure it’s there for a way longer time, and it’s already listed, like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

These efforts here all happen before a listing, in very serious realms, hence my enthusiasm that IOTA is a spectacular project that has to be reckoned with!


Here is just a small selection of the newest articles about IOTA.

Since the respective authors took their time, I suggest, you read them on your own:

IOTA Tangle Takes the Blocks Out of Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Ledger Networks


The overwhelming Bull market

Since the Blockchain technology as a whole gains attention everywhere, billions of Dollars are flooding into these new markets.

The recent astonishing bull market reached a total capitalization of almost $70 billion.

Most of these listed technologies are functioning on a Blockchain, so they all share the same problem: scalability.

The recent adoption, therefore, is both: good and bad because once the mass markets try to use Blockchains, they rise in value but also suffer

the consequences that we know as slow transactions, higher transaction fees and as an end result, a technical barrier to progress.

The Tangle, as we know, is scaling better, the more people use it. -Without fees.

So my personal opinion is that, with the rising adoption, there is no better investment as IOTA.

As of today, IOTAs cap is around ~$200 million. The listing alone will show how much it can rise and believe me, it will, just because the technical

circumstances of IOTA in this “blockchain-era” are absolutely outstanding.

I said it when the market cap was at $20 million (x10 since then), and I’m still going to stick to that when we hit $2 billion market cap:

There is no limit!

The next weeks will be vital and hopefully filled with great milestones. Well, we do not know otherwise.

Stay tuned and have a nice week,


The IOTA Ecosystem Fund: 2000000 $ for Development and Adoption

The IOTA Ecosystem Fund: 2000000 $ for Development and Adoption

Once again, the IOTA grassroots movement made a difference in showing the world that this is no ephemeral cryptocurrency but a serious endeavor that leads to a technology, that possibly changes everything.

The generous sponsors of the ecosystem-fund are part of the “Ecosystem-club”, initiated by Luey Forje, one of the early investors and a well-known community member.

The known sponsors are: Marc Bettinger, Achim Heiniger, Denzel Schwimmer,  Tristan Turner, Khaoudy Yassin and some more sponsors which decided to stay anonymous.

IOTA has a big healthy community of voluntarily working people and sponsors that are unified and goal-oriented in bringing the technology to life.

The ecosystem fund is meant as a development booster to attract creative thinkers, developers and the possibility of funding people’s ideas if they are beneficial for IOTA.

The IOTA foundation announced in the official blog post a selection of possible applications in the following fields:

  • Proof of concepts
  • The creation of Libraries/Modules
  • Research and development of new IXI Modules
  • Tutorials for
  • Hackathons

But there is more to it!

You could work on a coordinated marketing campaign, you could ask for specific projects that are not covered by the former list.

I’m pretty sure that the founders are open-minded and like to hear lots of ideas because that is the very purpose of this fund!

Therefore, I want to encourage everyone with a good idea to apply for a funding!

Your application can be submitted here: FORM

Link -> Reasons to become a part of IOTA



April Report #2

April Report #2

I know, this update comes pretty fast after April Report #1, but that is the IOTA-sphere these days, progress everywhere!

Again a great IOTA Foundation-update:

Welcome, Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda!


Mr. Pimenta de Miranda lives in and around Oslo, Norway and is a working with new emerging technologies and disruptive systems for progress.

On his LinkedIn profile, he writes:

I shape strategic innovative ventures and initiatives that open new pathways to value creation and growth models for business and society. I bring disruptive digital technologies to life: Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Me / MyData. Together with a team of world leading technologists and industry thought leaders, we empower true innovators ready to transform their industries and organizations from eHealth, Transactive energy systems, Smart cities, connected/autonomous Mobility, Shipping & Logistics.

The IOTA ecosystem and the foundation are clearly gaining traction because they are able to acquire such professional experts like Mr. Pimenta de Miranda.

After last week’s addition of Regine Haschka Helmer plus the already existing circle of advisors and core-devs, we already have the most promising crypto-enterprise at hand.

I know that hype isn’t very appreciated, but it’s pretty hard to suppress with this frequently dropped high-quality news!


IOTSummit 2017 with IOTA

For any other crypto, this would be an enlightenment, for IOTA this isn’t the first solid opportunity to present its unique features.

Still, the IOTsummit is one of the most important places to be for innovations on an international stage.

The European summit will be, again, and yes I know I use this word often, a great opportunity to showcase IOTA to bring more solid companies into the ecosystem.

These are the best news!

New IRI and stress-test

Improvements of the IRI are beeing tested and deployed, once the stress tests are done and important measured values are taken.

That will be the moment when IOTA reaches an important milestone: the scalability will be tangible.

The difference of the main net (1st picture) and the test net (2nd picture) is incredible right now.

That may be partly explainable because a big share of main net-spammers is currently used in the test net.

Still, the overall transaction confirmation-rate seems to be pretty high

There is a new Tangle-explorer made possible by @Scottjp and the help of @utamaro and also @raganius!

This clearly arranged explorer is a nice addition to the existing explorer

Both explorers are important and necessary to handle the needs of a lot of people once, IOTA is adopted widely.

And interesting for speculators:

A nice price chart plus market cap: made by @wilowfoot

The next weeks will be very interesting as rumors say that we get news on the official exchange listing when the stress tests are done.

Have a nice day,


April Report #1

April Report #1

April is here, jokes are delivered, as well as some really incredible news from IOTA.

Let’s begin with the newest foundation-member Regine Haschka Helmer!

A look at her vita reveals that she’s obviously a great marketing expert with lots of successful years.

From their Website:  In 2006 she became CEO of ID Media and was responsible for the strategy and creative lead for customers such as Ebay, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Sony, Swatch, JTI, Microsoft, Volkswagen and Toshiba.

2007, She founded Seedlab GmbH, a digital business development agency where she is assisting companies/startups for “realization of innovative, digital strategies and business models….900 successful projects of which many have received renown awards, Regine is one of the pioneers and creative heads in the European digital industry.  

To draw a conclusion:
With Regine Haschka Helmer, the IOTA Foundation, again, was able to add a professional, successful business-expert for IOTAs needs.

The coming years are years of transformations and digitalization where industrial processes are changing and new technologies are emerging.

We know, that the Internet of Things is already a key-term, so we also know that IOTA needs networking business experts such as Regine Haschka Helmer to become a force to be reckoned with.

I’m curious to see the work results of this great collaboration.

Welcome, Regine Haschka Helmer!


The official IOTA Development Roadmap has been published!

As an open source project a major milestone for transparency.

I cannot repeat all inherent information because everyone needs to read the roadmap himself, but I can tell you guys what I think about it:

  • Companies can see the efforts and the status of development of this enterprise
  • Developer see the actual progress and can decide whether they want to participate or not
  • All interested people can see where we are going: Flexibility.

Flexibility is the most important feature for a technology meant as the interoperability protocol of the Internet of Things.

This roadmap shows between the lines, what IOTA is going to be and that there are no borders and limitations left when it’s ready.

IOTA is no cryptocurrency, but a whole system meant to support progress for everyone.

IOTAs infancy in “cryptoland” will soon be over if we see more of these important steps.

Great work everyone!

Since most investors just lean back, I have a small message: If you just wait for a big ROI, you actively prevent movement from happening in your favor. 

Get up and protect your investment! Take parts of your funds and create software, tutorials, videos, advertisements to support IOTA on its long way.

If you do nothing, you practically do the worst.

Concerning the stress-tests:

Even with just a few nodes, IOTA is already showing its capabilities of a scalable, incredibly fast technology.

When the test net grows bigger and is expanded with servers of e.g. Digital Ocean or AWS, we will see fascinating numbers and a really big tangle graph.

I’m looking forward to that, as it will open a lot of doors if these stress tests are successful.

A reminder that IOTA LEARN is working and starting to take effect:

We now have the first few entries, tutorials and FAQ-answers.

If you are an interested developer or a techie on his way to become a dev, please visit to become a part of this fantastic ecosystem.

Hundreds of people are already part of the community, so if you have questions, everyone would be happy to help.

Don’t miss that opportunity!

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”
― Thomas A. Edison”


To round up the first April Report:

If you are in the area of Chicago, you can visit and participate here:

A big opportunity 😉

and later on in Germany:

April is starting with a density of a neutron star. It seems to me as if IOTA is already generating traction like a big player, and that before exchange-listing.

2017 will be great!

Have a nice day,


“Organic Artificial Foods” (OAF) and the farming revolution

“Organic Artificial Foods” (OAF) and the farming revolution

As IOTA is already known in rural areas, I’m happy to announce the foundation of the NGO “Organic Artificial Foods” (OAF), which is using the open-source technology for their own purposes.

OAF offers a new innovative solution to provide citizens with organic food around the corner.

Communities in the field of cryptocurrencies, in general, share the sentiment that future markets will rely on blockchain solutions for the everyday life, such as buying groceries.

Since IOTA is mostly made for the machine economy OAF, therefore, invented a new system that is using IOTA as the interface technology between autonomous machines and the needs of families in rural areas, to close the gap between this cutting-edge technology and breakfast.

To understand this innovation we must look into the bionic/a.i. research, where autonomous vehicles and robotics are tested.

Lately, the semiconductor facilities “Pecker Tec” in Nashville, TN which are working closely with OAF, tested some “granny-slappin’ good” central processing units for cows.

These chips are able to receive IOTA per wireless network and furthermore, to activate the milk-glands in a matter of seconds, without transaction fees!

As unbelievable as it sounds: this makes it possible to get fresh, warm milk, everywhere, safe, untampered, fast, decentralized, with IOTA.

Chairman Bill Randy Pecker about their new system:

Howdy, I don’t know where you comin’ from but our cow is busier than a cucumber in a women prison, you gon’ like it

The experienced 3 times winner of the famous “Nashville Monstertruck Festival” promises this solution within the next 5 months, so that people don’t need to buy milk in a supermarket anymore because they are often too far away if you need groceries spontaneously.

After that, we can also expect adapted systems for chickens, pigs and bankers, Pecker promises.

We are eager to see that technology in action!