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Revealed Business Connections of IOTA

Revealed Business Connections of IOTA

Market capitalization of a cryptocurrency is the best indicator to show which project succeeded the most. 

…this sentence is not true.

After years of pump and dump, history has shown that only real-world adoption counts, that real connections to businesses make a difference.

To give you an idea on how far IOTA has come, I set up a list of known collaborations or business connection of IOTA.

Important: The following list also includes partnerships with members of the Decentralized Identity Foundation(DIF) and Trusted IoT Alliance,

-> so there is not necessarily a direct collaboration.

It’s just a matter of time and NDA’s that this list will grow.

What we already know is incredible, but there are some connections we don’t know yet, and considering what the IOTA foundation already has accomplished, I can only assume that this is just a fraction of what’s behind the curtains.

I, therefore, do not guarantee that this list is complete or that it’s reflecting the reality. 

This list only shows revealed business connections and is not officially approved by anyone

This list will be updated when I get new information:

Accenture (via DIF)

Alpha Venturi (via Foundation)


Authenteq (via DIF)

Bayonet (via DIF)

Beth Israel Deaconess System (via Foundation)

BigchainDB (via DIF)

Bitse (via TrustedIoTAlliance)

Blockchain Helix  (via Bundesblock)

Blockstack (via DIF)

Bloq (via DIF)

BNY Mellon (via TrustedIoTAlliance)

Bosch (via TrustedIoTAlliance)

Brainbot (via Bundesblock)

Bundesblock (

Canonical (via TrustedIoTAlliance)


Civic (via DIF)

Cisco (via TrustedIOTAlliance)

Consensys (via TrustedIoTAlliance)

Consent (via DIF)



E7 Ventures (via Foundation)

EU Commission (via Foundation)


Filament (via TrustedIoTAlliance)

Foxconn (via TrustedIoTAlliance)

Freeelio  (via Bundesblock)

Gemalto (via TrustedIoTAlliance

Gem (via DIF)

Gnosis (via Bundesblock)

Harvard Medical School (via Foundation)

Huawei EU (via social Media, rumors)


ID2020 (via Foundation)

IDEO (via DIF)

Innogy (via Foundation)

Imperial College London

IPDB Foundation  (via Bundesblock)


Jolocom  (via Bundesblock)




Mooti (via DIF)

Netki (via DIF)

New Mobility Consulting

NewMobilityLab (via Foundation)

Norwegian Centre for E-Health Research(via Foundation)

Procivis  (via Bundesblock)

Olso Medtech (via Foundation)

Oslo Cancer Cluster (via Foundation)

Outlier Ventures

Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University

R3 (via DIF)

RSA (via DIF)



Seedlab GmbH (via Foundation)

SINTEF (via Foundation)

Skuchain (via TrustedIoTAlliance) (via TrustedIoTAlliance)

Sovrin (via DIF)

Taqanu (via DIF)

Tierion (via DIF)

UBUNTU (via Canonical)

UC Berkely

University of Lancaster

UC London

UN (over ID2020/Foundation)

Uport (via DIF)

Whitechapel Think (via Foundation)

World Energy Council (via Foundation)

World Economy Forum (via Foundation)

ZipPower (via Foundation)


This list will be constantly updated, so take a look once in a while,



The Tangle is safe. A Commentary

The Tangle is safe. A Commentary


This is my personal opinion, my personal blog and my personal intention to stop misinformation. Cryptoland has the habit of using every piece of information in their best interest. If you read opinions about some technological flaws and a sudden conclusion, be aware that it has been written for a reason and a purpose.
The only way to obtain an objective PoV on these things is to join slack and watch conversations and questions like the following with your own eyes.

IOTA started as a “camouflaged” project, many people argue. While this is not true (press) lot’s of people claim we have a manipulated market, a too high price and therefore many people that would like to see a lower price.
It’s just a wrong assessment because they ignore the last 3-4 years of development, of public relations, of legit companies collaborating with IOTA, a great vision, a fantastic demonstration of the scalability while stress testing the Tangle and a huge ecosystem around it. People that are claiming the latter, are denying the efforts of dozens of people over a timespan of a few years.

Read about everything and come to your own conclusion. Everything else is trivial, pointless banter of investors, doing their job.

Cryptoland-Investors don’t have judgment, they have intent.
I suggest you assess the intentions of all articles, that will come out in the next 72 hours, which are written in layman’s terms because this can’t be broken down to a few simple arguments. 


With the Bitfinex listing of IOTA and a “sudden” positioning on #6 on, thousands of new people were flying into the ecosystem IOTA, asking questions and discussing the tech on every level.

Slack and Reddit have been overrun.

While it is true that IOTAs concept is not easy to comprehend in the beginning, it’s untrue, that IOTA has a vulnerability that was mentioned in a few Reddit threads.

Information of this magnitude is spreading like a wildfire, especially in cryptoland, where investors take every little piece to improve their position and to react as fast as possible.

Naturally, people with an interest in lowering the price via fear, uncertainty and doubt, FUD, to rebuy at a lower point, are already spreading their hypothesis everywhere.

As a logical result, some people already used these claims in a wrong context.

So in order to prevent this wildfire to prevail, I wrote a small summary of what has happened in Slack and how the developers addressed their solutions.

Still: It’s good and important to have solid criticism from everyone like this, and IOTA and the founders are doing good in answering all questions concerning this not too easy to understand technology.

The origin of these statements that “IOTA is vulnerable to attacks” is summarized here:


Concerns that MUST be addressed. from Iota

The real discussion didn’t take place on Reddit, though, but in the official IOTA slack in the #tanglemath channel.

As a sidenote: The discussed (presumably impossible) attack cannot be performed right now anyway, because the coordinator, a node that sets the milestones, is preventing anyone from attacking the tangle.
And I’d like to add here, that this is all in accordance with the roadmap to give the tangle a good start. The coordinator will be shut off in July (or when the tangle overcomes its infancy status, to prevent a 34% attack).
So no, IOTA is not a centralized ledger.

To be able to make up your own mind, you have to read the full conversation of ~80 pages.

PDF of the insightful discussion: unfiltered_convo_tangle_security_june_17

Also, the scenario was discussed “under certain conditions”. The certain conditions demand a thorough understanding of math, computational engineering, cryptography and the way the Tangle works.

The dense, hard to comprehend dialogue, had problems to get off the ground, because the definition of a global mesh-net, the availability of a supercomputer and the purpose of the attack were unclear and needed adjustment, that took over an hour time before the actual attack was more or less discussed.

These two sides were addressing their points and it wasn’t always easy to follow this constructive meant dialogue but it turned out good and will continue to do so.

David Sønstebø (Founder of IOTA, Jinnlabs), Come-from-beyond (Founder, Lead Dev of the Tangle), Dr. Popov (Founder, mathematician, and brain behind the Tangle),  Sunny Aggarwal (Berkeley Student) and Micah Zoltuh (Computer Engineer), as well as a few other developers, were discussing several specific points on the agenda: “Is a malicious person/group able to perform an attack on the tip selection algorithm, because it is possible to direct proof of work on certain tips, to pursue a double spend or to slow it down.”

The questions/statements that were derived out of this conversation are written in the Reddit post above. Again, I suggest you read the actual conversation in the given PDF.


CFB addressed the Reddit statements in a short manner (delivered by Winston because CFB is not on Reddit)

“Thanks for the questions.”

Q                      Potential for tangle orphaning as a result of tip selection, particularly by way of maliciously increased own weight.

 A                     “This is not possible since own weight is always 1. (See white paper)”

The potential necessity for fee market resulting from above concern.

  “Concern #1 is invalid, and therefore concern #2 does not apply.”

Potential for attacks during periods of low transaction volume. Potential for attack by abandoning Monte Carlo Markov Chain tip selection, and/or maliciously selecting tips.

“The tip selection algorithm doesn’t affect transactions with passed adaptation period. Before that period is over, a merchant may refuse to accept a payment (as we see now with some merchants refusing to accept Bitcoin payments with less than 3 confirmations).”

An incentive for network attacks resulting from the disparity between the growth rate of PoW and growth of network value. (Linear vs O(n2 ))

“To do a sudden 34% attack, the adversary must be omnipresent (impossible in real IoT network, impossible in our current network because it mimics IoT with mutual tethering). We assume the normal operational mode of IOTA where bandwidth is utilized at near 100% (even 90% is very improbable, bandwidth is always scarce). So, the sudden attack will affect only edge nodes which may stop being operational. In practice, the owners of the affected edge nodes will just reset them and re-adjust their blacklist table to filter out the adversary.”

“NOTE: A non-sudden “attack” is not an attack. Those transactions will be absorbed by tangle like legitimate transactions, and help to improve throughput and time to finality.”

The general weakness of Iota PoW algorithm.

“Does not apply.”

CFB added:

“Other news to report: Someone attempted a 300% attack on main net yesterday. The Tangle easily absorbed it within a few minutes and we got a nice increase in network functionality while those transactions percolated through the Tangle.

Here’s to hoping that an attacker is kind enough to hit us with a bigger attempt tomorrow so that we don’t have to pay for our 1,000 cTPS stress-test.”


My conclusion

The discussion was an interesting and insightful dialogue about the intrinsic functionalities and security measurements of the Tangle, although not always easy to understand. Why would I jump to conclusions then? Why would you?

It turned out, that neither under the present conditions nor under future conditions such an attack is feasible according to the devs.
The “attacker-side” didn’t present a way for an attack and furthermore, they had zero proof.

So, if anyone is losing his mind right now. Stay calm, everything is fine 🙂

If you have more issues and questions, feel free to join slack and engage a constructive discussion, which is always welcomed.





IOTA Exchange listing on 13th June – Preparations

IOTA Exchange listing on 13th June – Preparations

Thousands of investors, companies and the majority of the IOTA community are looking forward to it and now we have a date.

Beginning with the 13th June, in nine days, exchanges are going to list IOTA as a tradeable asset.

The official blog post of David explains the circumstances very well and incentivizes other exchanges to follow the call.


What can you do to prepare for this big event?

  • Follow all major exchanges on Twitter
  • Register on all major exchanges and validate your person before it starts trading IOTA, to ensure that you’re able to trade once the listing is announced.
  • Get a working Bitcoin/IOTA wallet
  • Don’t spend all IOTA on trading, just what you can afford to lose.
  • Participate in discussion in Reddit
  • You are a developer? Think about helping IOTA and earn bounties: Ecosystem Fund


Which Exchanges are going to list IOTA? 

We don’t know! Since IOTA is an open source NGO, there will no Exchange prioritized, so they list it on their own without the decision made by the IOTA Foundation.

According to the founders, all big exchanges are interested, that means Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, maybe also the Chinese ones like Huobi and OKcoin.


What prices can we expect at the beginning? 

Well, that question came up almost 20 times each day for the last months.

That depends on how the markets will react.

Will ICO investors and whales cash out, or do the new interested investors predominate, that waited for this moment for a long time?

Keep in mind that IOTA was mostly traded on YDX, the escrow based trading platform. (That stopped trading until further notice. Will start again after Exchanges listed IOTA. Presumably the 17th. )

While YDX was always a dependable and secure market, many people were afraid to lose their funds, as a consequence they didn’t invest yet.

Some companies don’t use BTC, so they likely will invest when IOTA is able to be traded for fiats like Euro or Dollar.

The current market situation is also important: Cryptoland is in a big bull market right now, either because these technologies are on the verge of mass adoption, or because it’s a periodical bull market that can also end very soon.


If Bitcoin suddenly changes into a bear market, the impact on altcoins and also on IOTA is pretty hard to predict.

IOTA is seen as a potential Bitcoin or Blockchain killer in general.

This originates from the undisputable technical benefits it has over common Blockchains in terms of scalability and the tremendously growing ecosystem that is already attracting the industry.

No one can predict which side wins, but we will see that very soon.

On the long run, my personal opinion is that IOTA is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

If there are no technological flaws, we will likely see a few billion in market cap very soon. Or more.

One example of how cryptoland is reacting to good news and opportunities was Ripple, that was pumped from 250 million market cap to almost 17 billion in a timespan of only 4 months. That is insane.

For now, all we can do is read articles, compare the tech, the possibilities and keep an eye on Twitter, especially Hashtag #IOTA and #IOTAtoken -and think about the existing solutions for assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Are they able to resolve the rising fees, the slowly extending confirmation times or not?

IOTA is not stigmatized with the common Blockchain problems like a rising difficulty, decentralization due to big mining farms and therefore an uncertain future.

However, IOTA isn’t easy to understand at first, so maybe the majority of investors needs time to digest all these new features and perks IOTA inherits.

That being said, as an investor you have the duty to make your homework before you put your (life) savings in a cutting edge technology.

Again: don’t trade more than you can afford to lose.

Happy trading!


May Report #1

May Report #1

Since we’re on a long dry spell for a few weeks now, it’s good to hear that there is still movement if we take a closer look.

The problems of the network, that has suffered quite a bit, are caused by the reduced amount of spammers in the main network.

As mentioned again and again: the devs are stress testing the new version, so they need all available hash power to ensure its functionality and security.

That’s the right way!

That being said, if people want to support the Tangle in its current situation: set up your own full node, with fresh neighbors and spam the Tangle, even if it’s just for a few days. 

As an addition: Yassin, the private escrow from has problems to withdraw iotas because the majority of transactions won’t confirm. And the list gets longer!

There is no fraudulent or malicious intent involved. With the new version, we all get the funds laying on YDX.

When this new version is ready to be used, we will also see a new era of speed, reliability, scalability and opportunities.

Blockchains will have a very hard time when the majority of developers, companies, and investors realize the true potential of IOTA.

That moment will occur, when the stress-test results are published, IOTA hits exchanges and the people feel the speed of IOTA firsthand.

A moment everyone is looking forward to.

In the meantime, have a look at the newest changes, additions, and developments in the IOTA ecosystem.


Growing Community

The main Slack of IOTA, the room for development, interesting conversations, the soil of good ideas has grown to a huge number of 3000 people already.

Last week, @Eragmus uploaded a little plot with an exponential curve of all members over time.

This trend is continuing upwards as lots of people are looking for an entry into “Yassin Dex”, but we also have a good amount of people, that followed the call of the ecosystem fund.

Either way, this is a splendid sign of what IOTA has become: A fast growing community that is interested in the disruptive capabilities of this distributed ledger technology.

New Developers

A few striking additions have been announced.
These guys were already working with IOTA for a while, but the time has come to give them credit and to show who’s working behind the scenes.

On the official blog are nice introductions of Paul HandySabri GoldbergAlfred Keller, Alon Elmaliah

Great people with enthusiastic, likable attitude, capabilities and of course a big impact on the whole project.

Kick-ass additions!


The IOTA Foundation is built of experts in their special fields, therefore it’s no surprise that they do what they do: they present their ideas and possibilities in conjunction with IOTA.

Dr. Navin Ramachandran, practicing Radiologist and well-known researcher from London, presented IOTA on TechUk on 8th May.

Thanks for your efforts!

Right now, Co-Founder Dominik Schiener is visiting a few important companies at the US-west coast (no info about who, when, what) , and after that, he is going to present IOTA at Consensus 2017 in New York, a great opportunity in the world of Blockchains, Fintech to show the world what’s coming after Blockchains.

Founder David Sønstebø’s plans to speak at Consensus 2017 changed due to an unforeseen accident, where David suffered an injury at his zygomatic bone.

Let’s hope for a speedy recovery!

Next on the agenda are the Accenture Open Talks on May 30th, where IOTA presents its technology.

We have to keep in mind, that these are personal efforts, and not a matter of course that they put in their free time and energy to represent IOTA again and again.

Sure, that sounds like I was praising them like some saints, but to be honest: which project you know, has founders and devs that work relentlessly to spread the word, to build an ecosystem and community?

If there is one, I’m pretty sure it’s there for a way longer time, and it’s already listed, like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

These efforts here all happen before a listing, in very serious realms, hence my enthusiasm that IOTA is a spectacular project that has to be reckoned with!


Here is just a small selection of the newest articles about IOTA.

Since the respective authors took their time, I suggest, you read them on your own:

IOTA Tangle Takes the Blocks Out of Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Ledger Networks


The overwhelming Bull market

Since the Blockchain technology as a whole gains attention everywhere, billions of Dollars are flooding into these new markets.

The recent astonishing bull market reached a total capitalization of almost $70 billion.

Most of these listed technologies are functioning on a Blockchain, so they all share the same problem: scalability.

The recent adoption, therefore, is both: good and bad because once the mass markets try to use Blockchains, they rise in value but also suffer

the consequences that we know as slow transactions, higher transaction fees and as an end result, a technical barrier to progress.

The Tangle, as we know, is scaling better, the more people use it. -Without fees.

So my personal opinion is that, with the rising adoption, there is no better investment as IOTA.

As of today, IOTAs cap is around ~$200 million. The listing alone will show how much it can rise and believe me, it will, just because the technical

circumstances of IOTA in this “blockchain-era” are absolutely outstanding.

I said it when the market cap was at $20 million (x10 since then), and I’m still going to stick to that when we hit $2 billion market cap:

There is no limit!

The next weeks will be vital and hopefully filled with great milestones. Well, we do not know otherwise.

Stay tuned and have a nice week,


IOTA: A Summary of Success

IOTA: A Summary of Success

Just reading the basic features of IOTA, makes it look like a wishful solution to almost every problem in the cryptocurrency-sphere.

IOTA managed to grow to the most promising cryptocurrency-project on the planet. But what are the reasons for that?

As you know: is a blog for news, announcement and background info around IOTA, an outstanding innovative software ecosystem that possibly changes the future.

So it’s no secret that I’m heavily biased. I invested in IOTA and I see no reason to abate my enthusiasm. Why would anyone invest in a poor asset? Why would anyone want to work with a dinosaur?

In fact, I believe in this technology so much, that this post is nothing less than a declaration of trust.


David Sønstebø, Dominik Schiener and the rest of the founders managed to assemble an extraordinary group of people that work for the IOTA-vision.

Since “Cryptoland” is mostly inhabited by speculating people, this foundation is living proof, that this venture is everything but an ROI oriented enterprise.




These members are no “no-names”, but adepts with top-notch expertise and the highest level of development skills, cryptography experience, business management, and leading experts in their sphere.

Plus: I’m pretty sure that there are additional members that are not yet revealed.

The story of each member and developer can be found here: official blog

When I think about my investment, I also think about the names and skills of these experts, so why should I worry at all?

IOTA is a grassroots movement and these people pave a solid way for the healthy growth of IOTA.

There is nothing more an investor would want. And there is nothing more a developer could ask for.

Link to the 2$ Million Development fund. Apply now and get support for your idea!

The Features

The variety of features in the blockchain space is huge. Every Blockchain project tries to find a niche for growth and to get more investments.

Judging from the idea of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, the meaning of the invention Blockchain was something like emancipation, innovation, a new technology for the people.

An idea of democracy coded into an unstoppable currency, that had an aura of Matrix and Robin Hood.

But in the last years, most of these born assets weren’t longer aligned with the idea of “making the world a better place”.

Lot’s of projects were created, simply to earn money, while there was no real development to solve a real-world problem.

There are some projects that handle it differently, like Ethereum, Dash, NEM, etc. but the majority is stuck in Cryptoland with no expectation for a real-world usage.

IOTAs features, however, are unique among ALL cryptocurrencies.  First of all: IOTA is no Blockchain, but a DAG aka the Tangle. The first of its kind.

The Tangle inherits all advantages of a Blockchain but does not possess any of its flaws.

A technology, that offers free value transfer (no transaction fees), real decentralization, a new ternary approach and a ternary hardware solution to solve the biggest problems of the IoT.

A technology that gets stronger, faster and more reliable, the bigger the network grows.

The fourth industrial revolution will be a transition of the world economy, where few benefit and whole countries suffer disruptions if no proper solution is found.

The founders of IOTA thought about that from the very beginning, when the vision was formed.

If I were a developer, I wanted to work with IOTA because some technologies won’t survive this transition. And some will become industry leaders.

As an investor, there is no better project on the horizon and no better technology to look for in 2017. A no brainer.

Blockchain limitations

Cryptocurrency-investments are a sensitive area that demands time and patience.

If you invest your (life-) savings into a digital asset, without regulation or an institution to protect your money, you should probably look out for the most promising, and serious acting project.

In a comparison to IOTA’s technological core, Blockchains, in general, can’t keep up, because the scalability problem is part of their architecture. Yes, the problem is no bug, it’s actually a feature.

Blockchains possess an anti-spam mechanism that changes the difficulty of the cryptographic puzzles, that has to be solved to get parts of the currency.

The more people mine Bitcoin for example, the heavier the hash-cash proof of work gets. As a result, people mine less and less Bitcoins. This implemented feature is a deflation to increase the value and price of Bitcoin and a mechanism that prevents people from slowing the network because the more hash-power they use, the harder it gets to be successful.

Since most cryptocurrencies are being used by a lot more people recently, this mechanism becomes their Achilles heel, because blockchains start to collapse under their own weight.

The more transactions we conduct, the faster the blocks are filled, that confirm the transactions per consensus-model (synchronicity, actuality).

With a rising difficulty, the transaction fees grow bigger and bigger, to prevent people from spamming the network with countless transactions.

As a result, Bitcoin becomes expensive to use and transactions are confirmed slower, the more people use it. That’s not an Achilles heel, it’s more like Achilles leg.

It seems like the creators didn’t believe in a bigger adoption from the beginning, or there was no thorough consideration of the deflation-model.

Bitcoins “Blocksize-debate” is just the beginning of debates in almost all Blockchain-projects. Blockchains have a flawed architecture, that makes it impossible to scale like IOTA, like the Tangle does.

I know that the interoperability approach of IOTA also aims for collaborations with other Blockchain-projects, but as an investor, I see no reason to invest elsewhere on the long-run.

Bitcoin and the most promising Blockchain-projects will probably rise in value anyway because the expectation value and network effect is a big magnet for investors.

The IoT and the demand for a problem solver

The Internet of Things is defined:

in Recommendation ITU-T Y.2060 (06/2012)1 as a global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on existing and evolving inter-operable information and communication technologies”.


A network of billions of devices in a globally connected environment. The use-cases are almost infinite, new markets are emerging, technical limitations are already perceptible.

How can we create a future for the IoT with a global network that benefits everyone?
What about security issues like botnets, like DDoS attacks?

The Blockchain-technology offers the first approach, yes. But if we already have scalability problems today, then what happens in a few years when presumably every second, billions of data- or value transactions are sent all over the globe?

The transaction fees and confirmation delays would hinder progress and markets.

The Tangle scales almost infinitely because the scalability is based on an altruistic rule: give more than you need.


To make a transaction, you need to confirm two unconfirmed transactions randomly per proof of work. This leads to two characteristics of the tangle:

a) The more people use IOTA, the faster it gets

b) True decentralization because there is no mining involved that incentivises people to earn money.

IOTA is not about earning money, but about enabling the machine economy of the Internet of Things.

A possible candidate for solving the real problems of tomorrow.

For me personally, one of the most important reasons I invested in IOTA and I became a member of this great community!

The growing interest in Cryptocurrency in general

Apart from the real-world usage of cryptocurrencies, the invention Blockchain attracts more people every day.

Generally spoken, the crypto-sphere is yet a small unimportant area, but considering the latest growth and interest of companies all over the world, there is a huge demand and an even bigger inflow of money. That makes cryptocurrencies in general to assets with great prospects.

Since IOTA combines a unique functionality and a promising real-world usage without competitors, we can expect that a big part of that new money is going into IOTA.

The network effect alone is what IOTA lacks in comparison to the top 5 projects, but that is just a matter of time.

Because right now, IOTA isn’t even listed on exchanges.

 Involved Companies

For now, a nice number of legit companies and institutions that collaborate with IOTA have been officially announced:

We know that there are a lot more judging by the slack inhabitants that are not announced yet.

  • Microsoft
  • Innogy
  • Ubuntu Canonical
  • University of Lancaster
  • Hyperledger
  • Chain of Things
  • Countless Companies behind NDA’s
  • Countless Academic collaborations
  • To the foundation members and advisors connected companies

The Numbers

IOTA is still under the radar, but there are great indicators that this won’t take long to change.

First of all the google-trends curve of the last 12 months:

IOTA is slowly getting more attention as the ecosystem grows every day.

Especially mid-April, the keyword “Iota tangle” peaks for the first time.

The slack growth is another big indicator that IOTA gains attraction.

We already have 2675 members and it’s growing exponentially, as you can see in the plot, made by @eragmus.
The timeframe is relatively short, so it appears linear but the growth is actually exponential.

We already have over 720k (720000) messages around development and IOTA all in all.

Also worth mentioning is the growing interest in Reddit and Twitter.


It will be nice to see how it grows, even more, when IOTA is listed.

Conferences, Presentations, Hackathons

The reasons for the overall growing numbers are that the founders, and especially Dominik Schiener, are participating in conferences, hackathons, and presentations for months.

I haven’t seen comparable dedicated developers and founders in any other project so far.

These conferences are of huge importance as they attract many partners, new collaborations, and public awareness.

IOTA shows the world, that it’s truly a positive anomaly in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. And that they are not afraid of telling anyone!



The Strategic Management

The roadmap of IOTA, the strategic management, especially by David Sønstebø, and the decisions so far turned out to be extremely beneficial for IOTA.

From the very beginning, it was clearly and transparently communicated that IOTA is a real-world enterprise to make a difference, therefore all available resources and connections have been arranged before IOTA gets listed on an exchange.

The focus on the functionality and a healthy growth is the biggest point on my agenda, that IOTA will eventually become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies and important “blockchain-related” technologies in 2017 and in the coming years.

I have no doubt that through IOTA, and the altruistic approach, the interoperability and the scalability advantages of the Tangle, the IoT will become less of a technical horror, but a transition we can look forward to.

So if you are a developer, I encourage you to participate and to become a part of this fantastic ecosystem, that is growing every day!

Apply here for the development fund: Official Blog


I close my little résumé with a tweet of January:

Have a nice week,