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Interview with Pavel Shlapak, CEO of Paracosm, about the coming beta of Caer Sidi and their work.

Interview with Pavel Shlapak, CEO of Paracosm, about the coming beta of Caer Sidi and their work.

(Transcribed from a Skype conversation in 10/2019 )

– How are you, Pavel? What’s going on over there in Minsk?

– Super, thank you. A lot of things are going on. Now we are releasing some exciting products and we are preparing to launch the beta version of Caer Sidi. We are working on delivering information about our platform and about the project in general to the gaming community and business people in the industry.

– What is Paracosm? What is the whole project all about? 

– My idea is to build a big thriving ecosystem that will allow creating cross-reality game universes, or Paracosms ¹, and enjoy many adventures in them. Sergey Ivancheglo, aka c_f_b, came up with the idea of this project. He is the main visionary here, and some things about the future of the project are described in his latest Medium articles. As you can see, it’s a huge, amazing idea, and in a long-term prospect, it unites AR, IoT, and DLT technologies into one exciting product for customers.

¹ [Note from the editor: Paracosm = a prolonged fantasy world invented by children; can have a definite geography and language and history – Different gaming environments with completely separated stories like eg one Harry Potter Paracosm, one in Star Wars, one in Narnia]

– What is Paracosm aiming for in the gaming sector? Is it, for example, comparable to big gaming platforms, such as Steam or GoG?

– We can compare the project to the GoG Galaxy because its idea is to combine different game platforms, launchers, and markets into one user experience. They are starting from the launcher, and I think they have a certain vision. We, in addition, want to combine not only software but also the hardware to provide a full experience for users.

Also, the main players in this area try to build a proprietary system. We want to build an open ecosystem and give the initiative to different contributors to build their paracosms, we want to give developers tools to build their services, which use IOTA in the background. So, we want to unite developers and build the ecosystem of Caer Sidi together with them, sharing the revenue and various results of our cooperation.

– What exactly is Caer Sidi? How do you explain it to a gamer with no experience with the crypto realm?

– The main idea of Caer Sidi is to give users values by connecting various platforms and unifying user experience. From a gamer’s point of view, we start from connecting real and digital worlds, producing phygital² assets that combine physical and digital components. They can even carry your digital identity. Or this can be a figurine of a video game hero, which opens digital content through the NFC technology – for example, a digital avatar. By simply tapping such a souvenir with a smartphone, you can see the whole statistics and history of the hero and the collectible value of this figurine. So, it’s an added value for users and new ways to interact with the game. You can show this figurine to friends and compare your progress. 

²[Note from the editor: Phygital (physical plus digital) is a term that describes connecting digital experiences and goods with physical ones – like collectibles with a unique ID. ]

For a game developer, Caer Sidi opens many possibilities to build more interactive applications, increase monetization, and prolong the user lifetime value. In the near future, we plan to release more interactive toys, so users will be able to take them into their virtual adventures. By using Bluetooth technology, these figurines can even congratulate players with a victory. 

– The Caer Sidi service is the first of its kind. We use IOTA as the backbone, as well as paracosm.ixi and other technologies to build a certain product that gives value to gamers and game developers. Caer Sidi is a part of our huge project, it provides some functional tools. 
Like providing unique hashes for our phygital assets that can be found in the distributed database of the Tangle .

[Note from the editor: At the time of writing, Caer Sidi is temporarily developed on Hyperledger whereas paracosm.ixi would be a module with and for IOTA]

As you certainly understand, we need funds to support the project, we need to invest a lot in the development, in marketing, and in conversation with different market players. With Caer Sidi, we build a sustainable business model, based on the open-source approach. 

Right now, we are launching products and it’s a very complicated process for a startup, for a young team. It’s a lot of legal and development work, so we are starting with some rather simple examples. We see a great acceptance of our offer from the game developers. In the future, we want to produce different devices, which will be able to utilize IOTA. Quite soon, users will feel significant advantages of IOTA’s technology.

– What are the clear advantages of using DLT, such a Tangle? Is decentralization important for Caer Sidi?

– We want to provide services for different game developers, to implement the SaaS model – and DLT is crucial for this task. The existing game markets have a lot of fraud and a lot of other problems, connected to game assets. Thus, black markets start to exist. To prevent this, we need to build an open decentralized ecosystem. We want to provide protection from counterfeit for both gamers and developers.

– Is it true that Paracosm is not running on the main IOTA Tangle and it’s using a private Ict client instead?

– It’s too early to explain how it will run even in the short-term prospect. Sergey is going to provide the ICT client, so I don’t have the answer right now.

[Note from the editor: Ict is the predecessor of Bee, a soon-to-be production-ready modular client of IOTA that runs with a different, lighter architecture than the IOTA main-net – in theory, specialized for IoT devices]

– Wouldn’t it be better to be part of the main-net of IOTA, to be part of the global machine economy, instead of having a private ledger?

– Sergey is responsible for the technical part. What I can say right now is that we work with our technology and wait for IOTA Enterprise Edition and Qubic. We’ll migrate from our DLT to IOTA after this update when it will be truly decentralized. 

We also are official partners of the IOTA Foundation, so we can both explore the use of IOTA in gaming, from our side in Paracosm Project and Caer Sidi and from their side. We are partnering up to draw new innovative developers to create their projects, their paracosms on our platform. We are looking forward to working with them and implement IOTA in new and creative ways.

This is a project that is going on in a bigger time frame, as you said, and we all know that it is in ongoing development. Still, when will we see the playable content of Post Scriptum CTG and RPG?

– The Post Scriptum franchise is also a responsibility of Sergey, so he is the person to ask. I can tell that we are working on adding more products from 3rd-party developers. Right now, we have only one partner, a developer of tabletop games, but we are in the process of signing contracts with many other companies. Soon, we will attract great game developers, so you will have different possibilities to explore the Caer Sidi service and see how it works.

[Note from the editor: At the time of editing, Caer Sidi has already added more games and partners: ]

– The VR gaming industry is pretty big these days. So how do you plan to tackle the high competition of this area?

– For us, VR is a field to explore. As I said, we build an open, not a proprietary system. We want to complement other players on the market, not to compete with them. We want to improve the world of gaming together with other companies, to provide more value for our users. We believe in the technologies of VR, AR, and XR, we believe there will be a lot of great products. We want for Caer Sidi to be a point of entry to different beautiful worlds and different beautiful games. So, we plan to cooperate with game developers and help each other.

– I just have to ask – what’s your favorite game of all times 🙂 ?

– I’m playing Heroes of the Storm, it’s a MOBA by Blizzard. But I have the biggest emotional connection with Baldur’s Gate.


Paracosm is an incredibly interesting approach to innovate the gaming industry, VR-Gaming in cross realities and a real chance to implement DLT in a meaningful way. That being said:
Thank you very much, Pavel, for your time and insights and also thanks to Maxtis for coordinating this interview.

Visit Caer Sidi and explore the development of one or more new worlds:

Care Sidi:

Post Scriptum paracosm:

The company:

Autoersatzteile Online-Markt bietet ab sofort IOTA-Bezahlungen an

Autoersatzteile Online-Markt bietet ab sofort IOTA-Bezahlungen an

Der überregionale online Shop kündigte gestern Abend gegenüber an, nun Deutschlands erster online Autoteile-Markt zu sein, der ab sofort IOTA Bezahlungen akzeptiert.

Der qualifizierte Onlineshop bietet über 300.000 Ersatzteile an, darunter Bremsen, Elektrik, Zubehör und einen Großteil der Ersatz-und Verschleißteile fast jeder Automarke.

Alle Teile werden in Originalteilqualität versendet und werden ab einem Warenkorb von 100€ kostenlos innerhalb Deutschlands versendet, aber auch in den Großteil der Europäischen Union und in die Schweiz.

Dass Autoteiletrend nun auf IOTA setzt ist für beide Branchen eine progressiver Trend, der im Internet der Dinge, aber auch im Bereich E-commerce immer aktueller wird: Die Nutzung von Distributed Ledger Technologien, die wie IOTA auf Dezentralität, Datensicherheit und Geschwindigkeit setzen.

IOTA hat darüber hinaus den großen Vorteil, dass weder für den Käufer noch Verkäufer Gebühren seitens des Bezahlanbieters entstehen und keine Mittelmänner wie Paypal oder Mastercard federführend sind.

Denn IOTA Transaktionen sind für Empfänger und Sender ohne Mehrkosten durchführbar, da es keine Firma mit Gewinnabsicht im Hintergrund gibt, sondern eine non-profit Organisation aus Berlin:

IOTA wurde demletzt immer wieder im Deutschen Mittelstand als ein vielversprechendes zukünftiges Daten und Werte-Transaktionsmedium besprochen, was an vielen Innovationsfronten Probleme lösen will.
Darunter ein Entledigen von Transaktionskosten, dem Erreichen der Netzwerkskalierbarkeit, Zusicherung von Datenintegrität und auch ein Umdenken und Transformieren hin zur Machine-to-Machine Ökonomie.

Erst vor wenigen Wochen kündigte Jaguar Land Rover an, ein IOTA basiertes Smartwallet in seine Fahrzeuge einbauen zu wollen, wenn die Projektphase beendet sei.
Hunderte weitere Firmen (darunter Bosch, VW, Fujitsu, DXC und STM) eruieren, ob IOTA eine passende Lösung ist, Daten oder Werte zu transferieren, denn der zukünftige Standard verspricht einige ernstzunehmende technische Neuerungen, die bei der globalen Vernetzung für Nutzer und Firmen deutliche Verbesserungen zu zentralisierten Anbietern versprechen.

Hacks oder Veränderungen von einmal eingepflegten Daten sind so nicht mehr möglich und der Zugriff durch Dritte kann ausgeschlossen werden.
Auch das schädliche Mining, also das Erstellen kryptographischer Währungen für Rechenkraft wie beim Bitcoin ist bei IOTA nicht vorhanden, eine Klimabelastung wird daher ausgeschlossen.

Bei Fragen zum Thema IOTA wenden Sie sich bitte per Email an mich:

limo [at] tangleblog [dot] com

Post Scriptum Paracosm’s Caer Sidi Pre-Sale Stage 1 is almost here!

Post Scriptum Paracosm’s Caer Sidi Pre-Sale Stage 1 is almost here!

The foretold Armageddon has happened…
Post Scriptum Paracosm is the new, distant rising star in the gaming universe, which opens brand-new PC/VR/mobile worlds directly after the Christian apocalypse.
Paracosm’s team invites you to the Caer Sidi Presale – Stage 1 – starting tomorrow, March 1st, 2019, for one month only.

This first stage is aimed at traders that are buying a bigger amount of the credits which are being used in their in-house marketplace Caer Sidi when the platform goes online (planned 1st May 2019).
Additionally, traders can purchase Paracosm keys which are representing accounts (which people need in order to play) that are validated in the distributed registry of the Tangle DLT of IOTA. Paracosm’s team announced that they would rely on Hyperledger’s tech, as long as IOTA’s Tangle is not production-ready.

According to Paracosm’s team: “Pre-Sale offers for trades will have limitations on the minimum number of items: not less than 6000 Caer Sidi Credits or not less than 666 Paracosm Keys for one purchase. During the Pre-Sale, both keys and credits will be available at a 50% discount.

They added that:

1 Caer Sidi Credit represents 1 Euro.
1 Paracosm Key has a base price of 9 Euros

But in this pre-sale, buyers get a 50% discount. 
Traders, therefore, need to invest a minimum of €3000 for the Caer Sidi credits and minimum €2997 for the Paracosm Keys.

The second stage of the pre-sale starts on 11th March and is aimed at traders and gamers.

Gaming Bundles

From March 11th, traders and gamers can purchase gaming-bundles.

High-end Champions-Bundle for enthusiasts

Paracosm’s team listed all bundles on their website. The respective prices of the bundles will be announced soon.

What are the take-away points?

-> There are six different bundles.

-> Each bundle offers Caer Sidi Credits that are used as an in-game currency.

-> Each bundle contains the Post Scriptum Collectible Token Game.

-> Each bundle contains the Altar: the War of Gods Collectible Token Game.

-> Bigger bundles contain Paracosm Keys, booster packs, RPG invites for friends, key skins, tangible/real or blank Paracosm keys and even a tabletop version of Altar: the War of Gods depending on how much you want to pay.

Is this offer interesting for traders and gamers?

My personal opinion is that it’s worth a shot.
Although we are at the intersection of crypto-currency, gaming, and cross-reality, I’m not sure if this investment should be compared to the ICO’s from 2017.

Post Scriptum Paracosm is a gaming platform and this is more like a crowd-funding.
Building decentralized networks is fairly different than building a gaming platform, luck or chance don’t decide if this story will be a success since this is no pure pioneer-work.
Paracosm’s team has shown in-game footage of Post Scriptum Paracosm, footage of the Collectible Token Game and lots of merchandise.

We know that parts of the game are already playable, the artwork is solid and interesting and the outlook is splendid. VR/XR is the next natural step of gaming, so investing in an ambitious project like this is a good decision IMO.

One comparison to ICO’s and crowdfundings is interesting, though. Traders should know that Sergey Invancheglo aka CFB has a track record of being a wonderful person to follow when it comes to innovation and investment.

The projects he foundet and developed had the best return on investments overall: NXT and IOTA.

ROI since ICO on First and Second place: NXT and IOTA

From a traders standpoint, it even makes sense to follow him blindly after these facts -especially in a pre-sale.

From a gamers perspective, it also makes sense to invest in an upcoming gaming platform that offers an innovative world and possibly high future-prices for traded in-game goods like unique cards from the boosters or just a rising price for the Caer Sidi-Credits.
In-game items have shown promising price developments when enough people were competing for the best skin or the most unique card.
A prime example would be “1500$ for a black school uniform set, 1400$ for PlayerUnknown’s set, 600$ for a bandana” in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. These items were bought for just a few Dollars each.

Another example would be the value of Magic: the Gathering cards which were created in their respective year or a special edition only a few thousand times and which are being traded for thousands of Dollars these days, rising.

To draw my personal conclusion: Yes. I will invest and I will play because I think that the Paracosm team is capable of creating a thriving world for millions of players in the future. Full steam ahead!

I’m back. A small statement.

I’m back. A small statement.

As I’m sure some of my readers have noticed, I decided to take a break shortly after Christmas.
Blogging, but especially the Youtube publications are a great pleasure for me, but due to the current situation, I had to take a break to recharge my battery because in the last weeks I noticed that I was no longer an asset for the IOTA ecosystem.

Maybe some of you are thinking now that I have taken a sabbatical leave because of FUD, the bear market or physical illness, but that is not the case.
I rather see it as a realignment.

After over two years of fighting misinformation and trolls, I needed a break to regenerate my energy.
As a freelance publicist, I face a great hurdle: the organization of my life, in psychological, financial, organizational regards, but also because I want to make the best of it.

A change of perspective is often my way of choice to assess a situation, in this case, my own.
From my perspective, the IOTA endeavor has become a serious matter, which I naturally want to support with full commitment. For this, I need the right resources, creativity, a structure for what I do and ultimately the wisdom to take a break from time to time, because, of course, I don’t have an employer who gives me holidays in accordance with the law. Only I am.
The weekly podcasts and Youtube videos, as well as the articles and in general: “keeping up to date” sound like a relaxed job at first, and I couldn’t ask for anything better, but the constancy of the information and innovation density is what slowly pulls on you.
What falls by the wayside is the very important creativity and for me a sovereign position, which I have to maintain in these times of a complicated market, and the social media voices we all have to face.
Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy. So far, competition, greed, and uncertainty have ruled the social media channels, but this will certainly settle in the continuing stagnant market so that the “trolls” are filtered out. At this point, I would like to appeal to the people out there that there is a person behind every account and that everyone should be a human more often. ROI is not everything. Healthy progress and communication is.

My financial situation has improved by the fact that Paracosm Ltd. decided to make a generous donation to me.
Journalism is a matter close to my heart, just like gaming. The Paracosm will be connected to the Tangle, and the cross-reality and the sandbox environment it contains will create a wonderful development landscape for the gamers among us, which I look forward to. It will be my pleasure to put one of my Foci on XR, Paracosm, Post Scriptum and the gaming landscape, because this is one of my favorite hobbies, apart from this world. Thank you so much for that.

I would like to keep my Youtube and article formats, but I also would like to point out that from now on I will proceed according to the time and energy I have. Forgive me, If there are days without a Sunday Banter. I’m working on improving myself overall and a continuous production is clearly the goal, but I can’t always promise that in this very stressful environment.

Many thanks for the patience and the kind, and progressive people in the IOTA Ecosystem and the IOTA Foundation. 2019 will be another important milestone for all of us!

Steffen Vogt // Limo

Semmelweis-Reflex, Subjectivism and Mob Mentality. IOTA fighting Goliath’s in this War of Blockchains.

Semmelweis-Reflex, Subjectivism and Mob Mentality. IOTA fighting Goliath’s in this War of Blockchains.

Do you think you’re a critical thinker who’s smarter than those who define the rules of this shark-pond of crypto-currencies, and smarter than those who spread the lies (you’re already convinced of) in the first place?

Then you defy subjectivity and basic functions of the human psyche. Good for you.

If not, you may want to read my thoughts about what is happening here.

Let’s make a game out of your ability to distinguish between truth and lies. After you read this blog post, you go out and look for lies in articles and videos. It’s pretty easy.

Disclosure: I’m invested in IOTA, but the difference to those I mention here is: I never attack other projects or people, I just defend IOTA.

The daily routine. I get up, brush my teeth, make coffee, read social media. And then I correct lies about IOTA.

Lies and insults that originate not only from unknown trolls but also from renowned academics.

Well-known online magazines stir up hatred and process old news from which IOTA cured itself months ago.

But how can this be?
What are we missing here?
Is IOTA a scam?
Or do we see other forces at work, which seem surreal given the fact that many of those lies are presented by would-be solid sources?

I have made it my business to correct these lies and -out of context information- that can be read every day.

Every weekend I hold English and German podcasts on youtube and I present all the facts with their primary sources. This is a fundamental requirement, because we are not in a hip area but in a highly complicated, sensitive and not always easy to understand innovation river-delta, which not only wants to replace the sea of legacy systems with fresh water, but also has to ensure that it is not brackish water that it’s creating. This whole ecosystem was created in order to be an improvement, not a burden.

From the continent of crypto-currencies, several rivers are flowing into the technological ocean.

IOTA postulates to be the first clean, sustainable, fresh sweet water river, so naturally, other streams are unsatisfied and contaminate it as much as they can. And there are many.

Time to draw a line.

This habitus of mine has evolved over the past 18 months. Uncover lies, expose liars, present primary sources.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that has developed.

IOTA continues to bring good news, collaborations and reasons to put it above a level of Bitcoin when it comes to the question: which project is more legit?

At this point, the minds are divided, but IOTA has an advantage in this regard.

IOTA, or better the Foundation as the supportive organisation is registered and recognised as a charitable foundation in Germany.

Of course, we have already seen unimaginable things. It could be possible that a scam could overcome even the highest legal organs in a highly developed country like Germany. There could also be an alien under your bed right now.
IOTA, however, has been in focus since the beginning of its development and had to prove itself against countless windmills and Goliath’s.

Which in this world only works with transparency, a lot of work and confidence building.

The alleged vulnerability in August 2017 has been a major publicity stunt in order to besmirch IOTA. No funds were ever at risk and the problem was no problem. Cold coffee.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the questions that really matter.

Who are the accusers?
How exactly does IOTA counter the accusations?
What exactly can end the discussion?

When I used the image of David against Goliath, I should have used Alfred Wegener against the establishment.

The continental drift is one of the basic scientific facts, everyone has agreed upon.

When Alfred Wegener postulated his results of research back in the early 1910’s, the scientific dinosaurs rejected his theory until the late 1950’s and he faced constant resistance as long as he was living. Part of that was that he described the continental drift slightly wrong (continental borders vs shorelines), another part was that the renowned geologists didn’t want to accept this new paradigm as they would lose their credibility.

The discussion reached a deadlock until he died in 1930 in Greenland. In the early 1960’s, researchers found evidence that he was indeed right and accepted his theory posthumously.

This is fairly different to today’s landscape. Today we have angry Twitter discussions, ad hominem and kardashian’esque behaviour even in scientific circles.

Today, we live in an interconnected world. Scientific results, opinions, and reactions are just one tweet away and we can support our claims with computers, and the global community of scientists and skilled autodidacts can participate when sensitive topics are discussed.

Three things, however, never changed.

First: The ability of the human psyche to stick to the opinion of the majority. Bandwagoning works and is rarely a choice of free will.

Second: Scientists still hate to lose their credibility.

As a result, the Semmelweis-reflex kicks in and hinders progress. From Wikipedia: “The Semmelweis reflex or “Semmelweis effect” is a metaphor for the reflex-like tendency to reject new evidence or new knowledge because it contradicts established norms, beliefs or paradigms.”

A third reason that changed the behaviour of scientists changes also the whole discussion. I come to that at a later point. The cold coffee first.

In August 2017, IOTA fell victim to a coordinated attack that did not aim to protect people, provide technical assistance, or prevent a scam. No.
It was undoubtedly a plot of upsetting the research community against IOTA, so that it would suffocate in the strong headwind. Due to relentless work, clarification and presentation of facts, the headwind was reduced to a point where it’s merely a nuisance, but right now, as the biggest industrial fair, the Hannover Messe is happening, it starts to gain strength again as many magazines and “scientists” remind everyone how “bad” IOTA really is. Without facts, just via mob mentality. What a coincidence.

There are many rivers that form a delta and want to disrupt the sea of legacy systems.

Some rivers are larger, some smaller. A few are there for a long time and had to move mountains to reach the sea, and some are dirty.
The majority of rivers are held back due to technological dams.
There are even rivers that were never aiming to flood the ocean, just a private pond.
And many former whitewater are running dry these days.
There is much to win, and much to lose.
Everyone has skin in the game when it’s about money.

Who are the accusers?

Summarized: I didn’t find any accuser that is not invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or connected projects like Zcash. Every single source is a dirty river that is looking to get the majority of the technological ocean. There is not even a single exception!
These people are not interested in an open and fair debate in order to support progress, they are solely protecting their money.

-The Digital Currency Group behind Coindesk.

-Cointelegraph (CEO Victoria Vaughan is an ex-Angel investor with Bitcoin)

-The Digital Currency Initiative, DCI, which is part of the MIT. Conflict of Interests.

-Assistant Prof. of Johns Hopkins Private University, Prof. Matthew D. Green. Conflict of Interest

-Countless Bitcoin Maximalists such as Andreas Brekken Conflict of Interest, Richard Heart or even Andreas M. Antonopoulos that jumped on the bandwagon to hate IOTA after the wrong allegations.

-Former Forbes/Nasdaq/Coindesk contributor Amy Castor. COI1  COI2 COI3 (paid by venture capital company), (writing in favour of Bitcoin), (writing how to buy Zcash – she was also part of Zcash ad-campaign)

-Ethereum Core Dev Nick Johnson.

-Bitcoin Core Dev Peter Todd

-Dozens of Cryptographers that are either falling prey to the Semmelweis reflex or supporting their colleagues with mob mentality.

The third point is: Cryptographers, magazines owned by venture capital companies such as Coindesk or Cointelegraph have a monetary interest in promoting the systems they invested in.

This scientific discussion shifted into an economic discussion.

Remember this whenever you read articles in the crypto-sphere: These are not the actions of independent scientist or magazines, these are the actions of the textbook homo oeconomicus that is acting as a rational agent to increase his financial situation and level of influence.

How exactly does IOTA counter the accusations?

IOTA countered allegations in several ways.

  1. Open letters to everyone where they explain that at no point funds were at risk. Fact is: No one lost money except due to the price-collapse after the DCI-allegations.
  2. Transparency compendium (before the irresponsible disclosure of the DCI)
  3. The official response to the DCI allegation
  4. Security Audit of the allegedly flawed cryptographic scheme curl-p by Cybercrypt
  5. Setting up of a Non-profit organization under German law
  6. Collecting a team of scientists that research the Tangle
  7. Under the advisors are also advisors with international reputation:

    -Dr. Rolf Werner – Head of Fujitsu Europe
    -Johann Jungwirth – CTO of Volkswagen
    -Hongquan Jiang – Robert Bosch VC
    -Prof. Gur Huberman – Columbia Business School
    -Prof. Joachim Taiber – CTO of the International Transportation Innovation Center

What can end the discussion?

The answer is short: Building trust.

The IOTA Foundation has two very important processes in place that are nearly completed.

1) the Curl-p peer review by Cybercrypt

2) the peer review of the trinity wallet of the Accessec GmBH

Apart from that, there are developments behind the curtains that are also very important to form a practical version of IOTA vision.

Equilibria in the Tangle‘ is the fundamental and necessary research that is researching consensus, good and bad actors in the Tangle. This research is done by Dr.Serguei Popov, Olivia Saa, and Paulo Finardi

The confirmation timings are researched by Bartosz Kuśmierz

All research around IOTA can be found here: Link


To draw a conclusion:

IOTA has become a transparent project that is actively researching and developing in lightspeed.

It’s regulated under German law and it’s solving the scalability and fee-issues of common Blockchains. Naturally not everyone likes this project because it ends the mining centralization of Bitcoin and others.

People follow their investment, scientists are people.

In the end, critical minds and critical investors decide if they believe biased sources that besmirch IOTA on every occasion or if they stick to official sources, transparency and global companies that decided to use IOTA over other blockchain/DLT projects.

Countless companies such as Fujitsu, Volkswagen or Bosch are working with IOTA.

Latest results were shared on the Hannover Messe 2018:

Featured Image: India Today