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General Overview of possible applications:

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Some Ideas

Ah naive daydream: The Dronegrid

Since demographic challenges like overpopulation and economic challenges like the climate-change demand a rethinking on a global scale, we need a system which can solve both problems.

The following idea isn’t that new, but in reality realized without IOTA.

In the beginning, we launch 20 drones in a big city, all powered by solar power and in days with less sunshine, charged with renewable energy.

These drones are connected with Jinns in the tangle.

People and companies have a client to look for these drones on a GIS-map. Where drones are available, which one can be here in the least time can be seen on the life-GIS-layer.

The drones can carry things up to 20kg and have a lightweight aluminum/titanium container underneath who will be closed for the duration of the smart contracts. You can only open it with the seed of the contractor.

People pay with IOTA for the duration of their contract. The drones fly on an altitude of 30-200m.
The system is made for everybody, open source. No private company. non-profit.

Problems solved:

-later we can bring the system to rural areas
-CO2 reduction
-time effective delivery
-no monopolistic company, lowest prices to improve the local economy
-Beneficial for IOTA-stakeholder, drone manufacturer and the local economy

Private car-sharing: CarIOTA

Car sharing has become the best way to lower your costs, to protect the environment and to help people without a car.

This helpful system demands a security layer which is able to provide protection for your car, a payment system which is fast and fee-less.

An additional advantage is that we don’t need a secondary financial institution.

IOTA enables a car-sharing which is both: secure and reliable.

Further version of the integrated system would enable to get rid of car keys, as the IOTA Seed would act as the necessary and unique

Key, no one could copy or crack. The fast Tangle would be decentralized and fast.

Once, the JINN-processors are integrated, the system would be the fastest in the world.

You would be able to find the best and cheapest petrol stations, smart-city solutions would offer a cashless parking system with an installed wallet in the car. Even street-taxes could be paid fast and without further steps.

Everything is possible with the integrated wallet in the automobile and on your mobile device.

Problems solved:

-uneccessary bureaucracy
-reliable and theft-secure
-smartcity-solutions integrated
-beneficial for car-holder, and non-carholder


IOTA-water-meter / IOTA-Gas-meter

Fraudproof, synchronized domestic equipment to replace the common water and gas meters.

Additional appliance: if water or gas is leaking, the companies would realize it automatically and can shut it down immediately before
people get harmed or property is damaged.

I’m pretty sure that systems like this are already in development, but I’m also sure that you get the idea.

Why do we need a decentralized DAG-based system for this?

IOTA will be able to store data and give your equipment fastest access to most attractive prices.
You just change your provider and the decentralized system within the Tangle can adjust its rate you’re paying in just a few minutes.
Even changing day and night time rates is possible.

Probably the best smart-home solution there is, once it’s reality.


Problems solved:

1. cheap gas/water prices
2. fraudproof
3. protection from leaks

Already known Collaborations and projects:


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