Must-watch: 500 Billion Reasons why IOTA

The incredible January Part 2

The incredible January Part 2


It is time!

The next big milestone was reached yesterday when the Light wallet was announced for open Beta!

You can download the official Full/Light-wallet GUI here: Light wallet

More about the release by Dominik Schiener:

If you are looking for a node to run the Light wallet, is the right address.

There you can find a growing number of nodes, which are online 24h a day / 7 days a week and set up solely for this purpose.


That means, that the list of things we need to have a successful exchange listing is finally completed.

This list was given by the devs in Octobre:

That doesn’t mean that the list won’t grow from here, we likely see a mobile wallet announcement soon. is working on that, and AFAIK it’s already been tested.

Still, we can expect the exchange listing everyone is waiting for, very soon. 


Since IOTA is a community-based project, CORE is encouraging every developer to step up and create a working proof of concept for IOTA to show the technology.

For that, you don’t need to have extraordinary skills and knowledge about IOTA and its intrinsic functions, you can just use the newly released sandbox environment

If you want to take a look at the sandbox, you can follow this link


You need inspiration for a proof of concept?

Here we go: POC



To draw a conclusion: 2017 started tremendously for IOTA!  Part 1

The core dev team and strategic management again have shown their extraordinary skills and made IOTA what they told they would.

Now, the next phase of IOTAs path can start, real use-cases.

IOTAs success will depend on these use-cases so I can only encourage everyone who is skilled to code a line or two: built something and become a part of IOTA!

You won’t regret it!


Have a nice day,




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