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The 3 most dishonest points which render every public crypto-discussion obsolete.

The 3 most dishonest points which render every public crypto-discussion obsolete.

1) You are here for crypto.

No, you’re not. You’re here for Dollar, Euro, Yuen, Rubel, fiat money.

You disagree? Well, then why do you try to cash out at an all-time high? Instead, shouldn’t you accumulate as many tokens as possible, especially in times like this?

2) You care about decentralization

Then why is everything you call decentralized running on the centralized Internet? You say you do care, but you don’t.

Full decentralization is an ideal postulated by those who want to spread their wisdom: “buy [put in a random project they invested in]!”

There is no 100% decentralized system. 100% is a number in science that is hardly reached, especially not in a connected world, that isn’t built on a mesh-net but on central servers which can be shut off any minute.


3) You know what you’re talking about.

No, you don’t because no one really does. Distributed ledger systems are new technology. Developers and business executives try new ways and theories, as pioneers in a field that changes constantly.

These ideas become general arguments until they are refuted which is a good thing because that is how innovation works, trial and error.

But that doesn’t mean there are any experts. Here are only people who accumulated ideas and experiences that worked so far.

What could be improved in discussions then?

For instance, we shouldn’t try to engage in a crypto-discussion with monetary interest only.

Does the project you like inherit the capabilities to change the world to the better? That’s just a rhetorical question because you wouldn’t want to answer it anyway.

Overall, this sector becomes meaningless if we argue only in order to earn money.

The crypto-sector would benefit hugely if discussions would be solution-oriented.

We need less trading role-models and more silent developers and progressive thinkers.

Trying to improve your life is a fine attitude, but what would the world be like if everyone just wanted to drive a Lambo?

Crypto is more than that…


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