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Connected worlds. Cross-reality, Post Scriptum, Paracosm-ixi, IOTA.

Connected worlds. Cross-reality, Post Scriptum, Paracosm-ixi, IOTA.

What is (a) Paracosm?

Paracosm ltd. is the name of the mother company of Post Scriptum universe they are building.
A paracosm, however, is another word for “imaginary world”.
Examples of paracosms are Middle-earth, Narnia, or even the wizardry world around Hogwarts.
Perfect worlds to dive into and to become an interactive part of. XR.

What is XR?

“XR” -Cross-reality. ‘the concept refers to the technical and structural prerequisites and possibilities resulting from the interaction of virtual worlds and networks within the real world. The term is thus more comprehensive than its sub-segments “augmented reality” meaning expanded use of technical input of real objects or individuals, also “virtual reality” meaning computer-generated worlds, or “mixed reality” meaning a specific combination of virtual and real environments’ according to the Architektenkammer NRW.

This concept is not only helpful in the gaming sector but everywhere.
Architects are trying to build concepts that will make it easier to interact with the environment you’re standing in.
And this use-case applies to every real-world situation where technicians, and other experts of all kinds are trying to improve their workflow or they way they deliver information with several senses.

Img 1. source: Researchgate, Christopher Shneider Cerqueira

Connected worlds

Paracosm’s team tries to connect the post-apocalyptic world ‘Post Scriptum’ they build with ours. Img (1) gives us the first impression of why the Paracosm platform could be a paradigm shift in the way we play games and explore tales.

The cross-reality in the center of peripheral technologies will be able to utilize different technologies to create a unique concept.
I imagine a VR head-gear, motion detectors, Bluetooth boxes as sound sources in different parts of the room, as well as swords and armor with sensors which could help to perfect the cross-reality experience. For now, we can only speculate. But that is the beauty of this new venture. The possibilities seem endless. Even if Post Scriptum only starts on desktops and consoles. A fantastic world with a sandbox for community content is not a bad start to begin with.

Paracosm Promo Video at the Games Gathering Conference in Kyiv

The Post Scriptum game is their pilot project to show the capabilities of the platform and its full potential. For now, they create an MMORPG and a
collectible token game which will be available online and in vivo.
The MMORPG will include the mentioned sandbox, which enables that everyone can create content, in an open world.

First glimpse

What gamers can expect is still not 100% clear as there is no pre-version or demo available. The Paracosm team is only at the beginning of their journey.
Still, the Games Gathering Convention in Kyiv opened players a first look into what Post Scriptum should look like in the future. Also, some exclusive play scenes have been made available.
Watch for yourself:

Since I’m am a passioned gamer myself, my expectations are high.
The quality of known games in the RPG realm is immense. Whether we talk about Diablo, the Warcraft universe, Skyrim or the Witcher tale. If a company wants to succeed and survive the early access status, it has to deliver quality content. That’s the burden of a game-studio in 2019. Fun is the currency, the players are the judges and you better pay if you want to survive the trial.

Built on a decentralized ledger for a unique experience

The Paracosm team could utilize technology in order to protect loot, transactions and the belongings of everyone.
A small excursus of how it could be in the future:

IOTA, a distributed ledger protocol, lead by an NPO-foundation in Germany will deliver the transaction infrastructure in order to ensure data integrity. According to the Paracosm team, they plan to bind items and values in the game to the tangle, the underlying network of IOTA.
The clue: once the information of the ownership is saved in the tangle, it can’t be tampered with, nor can the owner lose his loot. That, at least, is the vision on a later milestone along the roadmap.
Also, it looks like as if the Paracosm team in Post Scriptum will create their own economy, with the valuation of goods, weapons, armor, achievements and so forth. And players love to trade these. Now, in Post Scriptum, players will supposedly trade these items over an auction-house called Caer Sidi. The Paracosm team expects that cheap items will not be traded for in-game money. As it’s not profitable. That and some other issues like volatility in the crypto-markets are the reasons that IOTA is not being used for micro-transactions in the beginning.
In-game trading will be done with Caer Sidi’s credits.
The following IOTA-based solution, however, will be important in the future. A decentralized mesh net (Ict) that secures the (different) Paracosm networks with the help of node operators which are paid small amounts many times a day. Small, temper-proof amounts can only be facilitated with IOTA, because it’s fee-less,  unlike financial services (PayPal, Mastercard…) or blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum. 

At this point, you probably think “Who needs that? -WoW does it with centralized servers and it works brilliantly without these cryptos!”

For now, that’s probably true. The bigger picture, however, is, that the future is decentralized.
If Blizzard’s servers burn down, so does your digital existence. A decentralized system, that is built upon thousands of independently set up nodes on the whole planet, can’t be attacked, nor burned down. Because digital values, achievements, and lives are valuable. And yes, that’s visionary, but the future is futuristic. 20 years ago, people wouldn’t believe that your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account is a vital part of your private life or job. And, today, there are probably already streamers and players out there who mustn’t lose access to their Fortnite/LeagueofLegends/Counterstrike account. A global XR-account in the paracosm of Post Scriptum can become as important as that. Which is the reason that they are building it decentralized.

Earning money with the Paracosm IXI

According to Sergey Ivancheglo aka Come-from-Beyond:

The Paracosm team found a way to reward people for running Paracosm IXI on top of Ict

Ict visualization. source:

Ict (IOTA controlled AgenT) is a light-weight-node for the IOTA tangle, which is being built as an entry point but with the limitations of the internet of things in mind. That means that people can run a light-node even on low-voltage devices like a Raspberry Pi. These devices are connected to each other and enable a mesh-net, which is necessary to share value and data. It also enables some other functionalities in the future, such as swarm-node behavior in order to keep the database small, chat-functionality with a specialized module on top of that: chat.ixi.
Other modules are in preparation, but the takeaway point here is that, in the future, everyone can help to build the infrastructure for the Paracosm platform, via setting up an Ict node with the Paracosm IXI module.
Paracosm operators will pay people for that, which means that Ict owners are living in a symbiotic relationship to the game they are enjoying. And the more people help, the bigger and more secure the XR-universe can become.

I’m excited to see the future when we can become a part of this cross-reality world. But it’s a long way to go. will continue to monitor the developments and will publish weekly articles about the game, the vision, issues, interviews within the Paracosm platform. Stay tuned!


A Paracosm

An imaginary world with its own rules of evolution, comparable to a game setting/lore.

A Paracosm platform

A set of hardware and software solutions allowing to run games for different, seperate, paracosms with IOTA’s tangle which is used as the core on which services like Caer Sidi are built.

A Paracosm team

A group of companies which develops the Paracosm platform, their own paracosms, and games according to their vision.

A Paracosm operator

A company running games on the Paracosm platform.

If you have questions or remarks, feel free to comment.
Steffen Vogt//Limo

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