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You’ll find daily information here.

Most of the info I receive is not enough to be used as a post on the front-page but still interesting enough to mention it.

This page fills the gap. Stay tuned!

Because I’m working on a few things, the daily section is closed until further notice! 

31st May 2017, 9:30 pm

New Version is almost here… Everyone is waiting like a child at Christmas

20th May 2017, 12 am

Yeah, for a long time now I didn’t post here.

For a number of reasons:

  • I’m a bit occupied right now
  • We are all waiting for the next version
  • I covered stuff elsewhere

BUT: I start again!

So stay tuned and visit the Dailies section for medium-rare news, rumors and misc.

12th April 2017, 4 pm

  • is now available in Spanish!
  • Stresstest is going on
  • Reddit is getting more attention

06th April 2017, 11 am

There is a nice little website for the actual market cap of IOTA, including a price chart of Yassin’s Escrow-based exchange:

I guess @wilowfoot made it.

Great stuff!

26th March 2017, 1 pm

We have a few news I will add in a monthly report soon. I’m a bit busy so I’m not sure when exactly.

24th March, 2017, 11 pm

A few things concerning

-First of all: I’m going to add my own videos where I’m trying to explain certain things to newcomers. Since the majority of visitors origins from Germany, I will start with a few German videos followed by English versions with the same content, later.

Then, I will make it possible to ask questions and I answer with a video. I hope this will clear up most of the uncertainties!

You gonna find them under “Videos”

-Second: I think my interviews are the most important part here, so I stickied them on the front-page. The rest of my articles will still be in chronological order.

23rd March, 2017, 11pm

David (Founder of IOTA) just announced that IOTA will deliver a weekly newspaper. This is really great!

This is exactly what we need. Hats of for their efforts!

23rd March, 2017, 11.30 am

Since a lot of people ask where IOTA can be bought: Yassin runs a personal exchange in his Slack:

You will need a personal invite from him, so send him a message in the official IOTA slack: @yassinnxt. Official Slack:


22nd March, 2017, 09.30 am

Ivan Liborio was generous and created a faucet, to get a few IOTAs for free for testing purposes.


22nd March, 2017, 00.35 am

@Proto just set up a nice feed-page for news around IOTA.

If you want to spare time, just bookmark his site and visit him once in a while!

21st March, 2017,  8.45 pm

This is the first of many entries of the new daily happening section! Visit this page once in a while to stay updated!
Thanks for your time, Limo!


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